Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is Runway Magazine a real magazine?

Runway Magazine is an American-French magazine with the offices based in New York and Paris. This magazine started in 1995 as newspaper, from 2001 like a magazine about trends, and from 2010 like a ultimate luxury edition publishing the expertise in fashion, trends, the best International designers, photographers, artists, architects, showing the most amazing embroideries, exquisite cuisine, luxurious spa and much much more.

Who is Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine?

Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine is Eleonora de Gray, CEO and founder of this magazine and Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY. Executive Director and Director of Production Guillaumette Duplaix.

Can I subscribe to Runway Magazine?

No. This is a luxury magazine, so there’s no online subscription, or on-line versions of the magazine. We would like to leave to bloggers blogging, and keep our ultimate luxury corner. Although if you don’t have store near you where you can buy Runway Magazine you can contact us directly and our team will gladly send it to you.

Where Runway Magazine is distributed?

Runway Magazine distributed in USA in lines of Barns and Noble and Nook. In Europe in lines of WHSmith and Public Drugstores. Please see more details in our Press Kit available on Services page.

What are other official web-sites of Runway Magazine?

We have several websites: – Runway Fashion Breaking News with latest updates on fashion news : the fastest way to know everything from around the world. Updates several times a day. – Official web-sites showcasing services proposed by Media Group ELEONORA DE GRAY, including special marketing packages, image and advertising development, communalisation services and consulting. – Runway Store where you can see the ultimate line for fashionistas RUNWAY BAGS. – Runway Magazine Global Image Stock : large base of different images from backstage, shows, special fashion events.