Depuis toujours, les couleurs ont rythmé les tendances. Le choix se fait autour de notre monde, notre culture, notre vie, notre histoire et l’interprétation qu’on lui donne.
Nous avons tenté de donner une explication aux couleurs, une analyse de la société avec les couleurs.

Shiatzy Chen Spring Summer 2018

Shiatzy Chen Spring Summer 2018 collection. The SHIATZY CHEN design team started off this season by embarking on a journey to embrace this dream. What they saw on the road became seductive symbols that allowed them to translate the dream into clothing. This season, as in the past, features exclusively designed theme fabrics. Surrealistic brushstrokes…

Shiatzy Chen at Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017-2018

Shiatzy Chen at Paris Fashion Week Fall Winter 2017-2018. Chinese embroidery with the street style in new Shiatzy Chen collection. Closer and closer and closer….. to what? To woman? to Street? To life? To perfection? to sincerity? Whatever it is – beautiful combination! European coats or jackets with Chinese handmade embroideries are always been the…