Oh… Wait a minute, even though it wasn’t in the Press-Release we got it a day later, this collection was actually made by a New Yorker Colm Dillane, owner of the brand KidSuper. Who also presented his collection (sort of) during this fashion week in Paris.

It was indeed a “total shitshow”, as some said, filled with rude, crude, filthy and bad jokes. “There were fat jokes, cocaine jokes, gay jokes, Black jokes, women jokes, diversity jokes, French jokes, Italian jokes, Balenciaga jokes and many, most especially nasty KidSuper jokes.” (Luke Leitch)

Shitshow and Police sirens welcomes New artistic director of Louis Vuitton Men – Colm Dillane, KidSuper. Let’s imagine that every Louis Vuitton show from now on will be just another drunken, vulgar, rude, crude, and filthy shitshow… Good buying, everyone! So this is a new cultural institution of Louis Vuitton???!!!!

Talent is not everything. Human values are more important, if there’s a choice given. And specially when it comes to luxury brand.