RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® – International Twofold Media known Worldwide, leaded by ELEONORA DE GRAY, based in Paris, France. RUNWAY MAGAZINE is a global leader in the production and distribution of visual content, creating and providing cutting-edge content marketing and digital publishing solutions. RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® is Media Group, specializes on branding, mix-marketing strategies, creation of IMAGE, image consulting, and media production.

One of worldwide known commercial product is an exceptional luxury book “RUNWAY MAGAZINE” created to show and distribute most unique pieces, savoir-fair and expertise. 300 pages ultimate luxury printed edition about trends, the most talented designers, photographers, artists, architects, showing the most amazing embroideries, exquisite cuisine, luxurious properties and services.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE design ID since 2017
Runway Magazine
Runway Magazine

Runway Magazine presented and supported by Karl Lagerfeld, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Kenzo, Mila Jovovich, Claudia Cardinale and many other fashion designers and actors at different fashion and cinema events. RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® ultimate luxury editions published on demand. We are saving environment. Digital online platform hosted on www.RUNWAYMAGAZINES.com : 2 000 000 readers a month! RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® featured in several movies and TV series. RUNWAY News-Paper distributed in format of Nook by Barnes Noble, Kobo by Fnac and other online platforms, and as an Application available on Google Play and Amazon.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® started as fashion magazine in New York by ELEONORA DE GRAY in 1995. Trough many years Runway Magazine was a barometer of fashion, which influenced the market. Eleonora de Gray, CEO of RUNWAY MAGAZINE, in 2004 moved headquarters to Paris (France), and restructured the company. Runway Magazine became a media group, proposing mix-marketing solutions in luxury industry. We are MULTITASKERS, SERVICE PROVIDERS, CONTENT CREATORS and CONTENT DISTRIBUTORS. We have everything “in the house” : creative art work, production, and distribution in printed support and digitally.

Karl Lagerfeld in support of RUNWAY MAGAZINE
Karl Lagerfeld in support of RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Eleonora de Gray is Founder of RUNWAY MAGAZINE ®, Producer and Director of RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® talk show – video episodes about fashion weeks in Paris, New York and Milan with exclusive interviews.
She started her career in fashion more than 20 years ago as model, became known by Nivea and many other commercials.
Today in partnership with one of the top color specialist in France Guillaumette Duplaix, who’s known by her expertise and work with Chanel, Hermes and many other fashion houses, Eleonora de Gray created a company, media group with creative solutions in media, outstanding solutions “out of the box” for branding, marketing strategy, fashion expertise, promotion, online media solutions and consulting. Company launched new line of fashion accessories.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® managing partners: Eleonora de Gray – CEO and Editor-in-Chief, Guillaumette Duplaix – Executive Director. Trademarks registered in Europe.

Trademark serial numbers:
4240206 ® Runway Magazine
4044982 ® Runway Magazine
4238028 ® RUNWAY
4044984 ® Runway Magazine France
4044985 ® Runway France

On photo: Jean Paul Gaultier, Eleonora de Gray – CEO and Editor-in-Chief and Guillaumette Duplaix Executive Director of RUNWAY MAGAZINE
On photo: Jean Paul Gaultier, Eleonora de Gray – Editor-in-Chief and Guillaumette Duplaix Executive Director of RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Our products


We produce RUNWAY MAGAZINE, International High fashion magazine, based in Paris, France. Magazine is free from publicity, luxury editions 300-400 pages, published on demand. We are saving environment. We are welcome all philanthropists to support creative work of designers and photographers.


We produce RUNWAY MAGAZINE talk show. We have seen by millions. We produce 20 talk shows each year.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE talk show took 22nd place this year in
Most Popular French Talk Shows known worldwide according to IMDb charts.



RUNWAY MAGAZINE application on Google Play and Amazon
RUNWAY MAGAZINE application on Google Play and Amazon

Stay up to date with RUNWAY MAGAZINE on application. Available on Google Play and Amazon.


Get yourself a super fashion shopping bag.
New line of RUNWAY bags: capsule collections, different designs available on our RUNWAY MAGAZINE online store.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE with Claudia Cardinale
Great Claudia Cardinale presents RUNWAY MAGAZINE bag at Cannes Film Festival 2017.


We propose Marketing Development packages which include : Marketing Consulting, Color Development, Communication Development, Image Consulting.
We develop branding of your company and the products in “out of the box” concepts, bringing it to targeted market.
All packages are tailored. Ask us about – We’ll surprise you.


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