RUNWAY – A Journey Through Fashion, Innovation, and Global Influence

RUNWAY: A Journey Through Fashion, Innovation, and Global Influence. Milestones. Embracing the Future with RUNWAY MAGAZINE’s Legacy.

The Enchanting Genesis of RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Once upon a time, in the vibrant city of New York, the seeds of what would become a fashion powerhouse were sown. This tale isn’t merely a recount of beginnings; it’s the chronicle of RUNWAY MAGAZINE, a narrative interwoven with dreams, creativity, and the audacity to reimagine fashion communication. In 1995, Eleonora de Gray, a spirited young model working with the Metropolitan agency, graced runways in New York, Paris, and Milan. Yet, it was her desire to vocalize her insights on the very fashion she paraded that marked the inception of something truly remarkable.

Joined by a small circle of friends—a visionary photographer, a creative stylist, and a gifted makeup artist—Eleonora embarked on a venture that was both daring and innovative. Together, they crafted articles, collages, and caricature images that mirrored their unique perspectives on fashion. Merging their collective talents, they assembled these pieces in an old-fashioned layout, breathing life into “RUNWAY” as a newspaper/magazine. Printed in several hundreds of copies, this creation was more than mere paper and ink; it was a testament to their shared passion and a critique wrapped in artistry.

As RUNWAY made its debut in the backstage areas of New York Fashion Week, placed surreptitiously on the seats of unsuspecting guests, it began its journey from a whispered secret to a bold statement. Issue after issue, season after season, what started as a playful experiment evolved into a resonant voice within the fashion community. The magazine’s satirical edge and candid illustrations captivated an audience beyond its creators’ wildest dreams, though the extent of its influence remained shrouded in mystery.

No one really knows how many people read these comics and satirical pamphlets, watched funny pictures in RUNWAY magazine. No one really knows how many editors or their assistants took RUNWAY magazine seriously, and wrote their own stories. No one really knows how many movies used RUNWAY as an inspiration… as many saw RUNWAY as an expression of something brilliant, creative, even existential, as a revelation of the possibilities which lie beyond constricted existence. Not only once, RUNWAY licensed its name for the movie productions and TV series. 

Editors, assistants, and even filmmakers found in RUNWAY a source of inspiration, a canvas of brilliance and creativity that challenged the status quo, suggesting that the essence of fashion transcends the boundaries of conventional existence.

It took nine years for this spirited venture to transform into a tangible enterprise. In 2004, Eleonora de Gray established RUNWAY MAGAZINE’s first official office in Paris, France, marking a new chapter in its narrative. Initially aimed at the local market, RUNWAY soon transcended geographical confines, emerging as a beacon of innovation and creative excellence on the international stage.

Today, RUNWAY MAGAZINE stands as a vanguard of the fashion and luxury markets, celebrated for its inventive solutions and unparalleled “out of the box” projects. From its humble beginnings to its current status as a leading international media powerhouse, RUNWAY MAGAZINE’s journey is a testament to the power of vision, collaboration, and the relentless pursuit of redefining the fashion narrative.

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1995: The Launch

  • Eleonora de Gray, a young model, along with friends, prints the first issue of RUNWAY magazine and distributes it during New York Fashion Week.

1996: Expansion

  • RUNWAY magazine is printed in thousands of copies, distributed by Eleonora and her team during New York Fashion Week.

1997: Team Growth

  • The production team grows to 10, including fashion critics, photographers, stylists, and makeup artists.

1998: Professional Involvement

  • Industry professionals join the RUNWAY magazine team, aiding in its distribution during Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks.

1999: Business Formation

  • Eleonora de Gray forms her first media services company, laying the groundwork for RUNWAY’s future.

2000: Rebranding

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE prints first issue in Paris, France.

2001: French Distribution

  • 5000 copies of RUNWAY MAGAZINE are distributed in France, marking its local market debut.

2002: European Expansion

  • Distribution extends to Italy and Spain, broadening RUNWAY’s European audience.

2003: Venture Status

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE becomes a venture and receives its first investment, solidifying its business foundation.

2004: Paris Office

  • The first office of RUNWAY MAGAZINE opens in Paris, France, establishing a permanent base, following New York offices and design studios.

2005: Event Sponsorship

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE sponsors major events in Paris.

2006: Bilingual Publication

  • The magazine is printed in 20,000 copies in both French and English, catering to a wider audience.

2007: International Media

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE begins publishing news about major fashion weeks across Paris, Milan, London, and New York, launching its talk-show.

2008: Fashion Academy Awards

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE organizes the Paris Fashion Academy Award, spotlighting international emerging designers.

2009: Fashion Event Organizer

  • The magazine becomes an organizer for fashion shows and events in Paris.

2010: Editorial Excellence

  • Guillaumette Duplaix joins as Executive Editor, partnering with École Estienne, enhancing editorial quality.

2011: Runway Global Influence

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE launches a line of bags and accessories.

2012: Luxury Book Format

  • The magazine transitions into a luxury 300-page book format, receiving accolades from fashion icons like Pierre Cardin and Kenzo.

2013: Karl Lagerfeld Celebration

  • Karl Lagerfeld attends the cover launch party of a special issue dedicated to him, hosted at WHSmith in Paris.

2014: Educational Sponsorship

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE sponsors Atelier Chardon Savard, supporting fashion education.

2015: Partnership with ESMOD

  • The magazine collaborates with ESMOD Paris, furthering its commitment to fashion education.

2016: Media Group Evolution

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE evolves into a media group, offering marketing solutions in the luxury industry, recognized by Jean Paul Gaultier.

2017: Digital Transformation

  • A new website with interactive interfaces launches, marking RUNWAY’s shift to a digital media platform.

2018: Brand Identity Support

  • New departments open, focusing on visual content production, color expertise, and digital publishing solutions.

2019: Legal Expertise

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE leads in legal research related to counterfeit, copies, and industry issues, serving government and luxury brands.

2020: COVID-19 Response

  • The magazine supports global and governmental efforts against COVID-19, promoting health regulations and safety measures.

2021: 25th Anniversary

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE celebrates its quarter-century milestone, boasting 10 million digital subscribers.

2022: Web3 Innovation

  • RUNWAY MAGAZINE launched RUNWAY STUDIO WEB3 in Paris and New York. Design studios developed innovative and revolutionary way to read and see media in Web3 / Metaverse. RUNWAY MAGAZINE launched metazine or web3 editions and publications.

2023: Continued Excellence

  • Maintaining 10 million digital subscribers, RUNWAY MAGAZINE excels in storytelling and media production in Web3 / Metaverse. Development media in Web3 reached new story-telling heights and the very future of media.

Runway Magazine Covers 2024

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Embracing the Future with RUNWAY MAGAZINE’s Legacy – Runway Global Influence

Today RUNWAY MAGAZINE is a global media company that produces some of the world’s leading print, digital, video and social media content. We are a media company with an accurate understanding of the present, with fabulous knowledge of the past, and visionary prediction of the future.

In the tapestry of the global media landscape, RUNWAY MAGAZINE emerges as a dazzling thread, weaving together the rich textures of the fashion and luxury industries’ past, present, and future. Since its audacious inception in 1995, RUNWAY has transcended its initial role as a magazine to become a multifaceted global media powerhouse. Its journey from the printed page to the dynamic realms of digital, video, and social media is a testament to its enduring relevance and innovative spirit.

At the heart of RUNWAY MAGAZINE’s evolution is a profound understanding of the zeitgeist, coupled with an unerring respect for the historical milestones that have shaped the fashion world. This unique blend of insights ensures that RUNWAY remains not just a witness to fashion’s ongoing narrative but a key narrator, crafting stories that captivate and inspire.

The magazine’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity is mirrored in its polyglot publication strategy, offering content in 9 languages to a monthly readership of 10 million. This global outreach, spanning continents from the USA to Europe, and from Europe to Asia, underscores RUNWAY’s role as a cultural bridge, uniting a diverse audience with a common passion for fashion, design, and innovation.

As RUNWAY boldly steps into the future, embracing cutting-edge Web3 technologies and creating media in Metaverse, it continues to push the boundaries of media and fashion. Its dedicated team of visionaries and creatives ensures that every article, every issue, and every digital experience is imbued with the excellence, insight, and flair that have become the magazine’s hallmark.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE stands as a beacon of luxury and fashion journalism, illuminating the path forward with its visionary outlook and unwavering commitment to excellence. As it navigates the ever-evolving media landscape, RUNWAY remains dedicated to enriching the world with its unique blend of style, culture, and innovative storytelling, securing its place in the annals of fashion history as a perpetual source of inspiration and leadership.

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