Frequently Asked Questions about RUNWAY MAGAZINE (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about RUNWAY MAGAZINE (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions about RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Is Runway Magazine a real magazine?

RUNWAY MAGAZINE is International Media, Global Fashion Authority that has been at the forefront of the fashion and luxury industries since its establishment in 1995. Our dedicated team brings you a wealth of content in print, digital, and Web3 / Metaverse formats, covering a wide range of subjects related to fashion design, historical research, marketing strategies, fashion consulting, legal matters concerning counterfeiting in the fashion industry, as well as social, cultural, and red carpet events. RUNWAY MAGAZINE provides coverage in 9 languages through our print and digital publications. With a monthly readership ranging from 7 to 10 million. Our reach extends to countries such as the USA, Europe, China, and Japan, ensuring that our content resonates with fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals across different regions. RUNWAY MAGAZINE Studio Design is your trusted partner for brand image consulting, color expertise, content creation, and Web3 / Metaverse solutions. We continue to showcase the latest trends, unveil captivating fashion narratives, and shed light on the dynamic world of luxury and style.

Who is Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine?

Editor-in-Chief of Runway Magazine is Eleonora de Gray, CEO and founder of this media. Executive Director and Director of Production Guillaumette Duplaix.

Can I subscribe to Runway Magazine?

Yes. RUNWAY MAGAZINE is a luxury magazine, subscription is available to the latest news and the articles published online. We daily publish experts articles.

Is there a Runway Magazine office in France?

Yes, Headquarters of Runway Magazine based in France at the address 23-25 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris since 2004. Runway Magazine is an international media with the offices and creative studios in New York, USA and Paris, France.

Does Runway Magazine exist online?

Yes, you can subscribe to our web-site news You can keep connected to RUNWAY MAGAZINE on social media networks and read latest news on our application available on Google Play and Amazon.  You can follow us on our social media networks and watch latest news, see comments of great designers, and express your opinion.

Who produces  Runway Magazine?

RUNWAY MAGAZINE produced and published by ELEONORA DE GRAY. RUNWAY MAGAZINE is a subsidiary of Media Group Official. Media Group Official specializes on branding, marketing, strategy, image consulting, and media production. Since January 2022 we launched Runway Web3 studio to produce advanced metaverse content.

Who created first metaverse magazine?

RUNWAY MAGAZINE is the first media who launched Web3 / Metaverse version of magazine available for the readers online in July 2022. First Metaverse Magazine or Metazine idea belongs to Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Web3 magazine is offering to the readers new interactive experience based on new technologies Web3. Read more HERE

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Does Runway Studio belong to Runway Magazine?

Yes, Runway Studio is a subsidiary of Runway Magazine. Runway Studio / Runway Studio Web3 is an integral part of the Runway Magazine brand, and it plays a role in offering various fashion-related services that complement the magazine’s mission and coverage in the fashion industry. This affiliation allows for a more comprehensive and coordinated approach to fashion, combining editorial content with practical services. Runway Studio / Runway Studio Web3 is a design studio offering production of animations, videos, commercial designs, Web3, metaverse.