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RUNWAY is a prominent media outlet that has been at the forefront of the fashion and luxury industries since its establishment in 1995. Our dedicated team brings you a wealth of content in print, digital, and Web3 / Metaverse formats, covering a wide range of subjects related to fashion design, historical research, as well as social, cultural, and red carpet events.

RUNWAY provides coverage in 9 languages through our print and digital publications. With a monthly readership ranging from 10 million, we have garnered a loyal and diverse audience worldwide. Our reach extends to countries such as the USA, Europe, China, and Japan, ensuring that our content resonates with fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals across different regions.

Our editors, ELEONORA DE GRAY and GUILLAUMETTE DUPLAIX, are well-known for their exceptional coverage and insightful articles, providing our readers with exclusive access to the latest trends, designers, and fashion events.

ELEONORA DE GRAY, a renowned figure in the fashion world, serves as the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and Global Editorial Director of RUNWAY MAGAZINE®. With a career spanning over 35 years, she transitioned from a successful modeling career, featuring in prominent commercials like Nivea, to founding RUNWAY MAGAZINE® in 1995. As a multifaceted leader, she not only oversees this influential publication but also produces and directs the RUNWAY STUDIO WEB3, as a new step in the future of media. Her enduring commitment to the industry includes in-depth research on issues, addressing challenges in fashion and the luxury sector. Eleonora de Gray’s impact on fashion is nothing short of legendary.

GUILLAUMETTE DUPLAIX, celebrated as one of France’s foremost color specialists, has earned her reputation through her exceptional work with esteemed fashion houses like Chanel and Hermes. In 2010, she brought her remarkable expertise to the forefront as she joined the ranks of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Collaborating closely with Eleonora de Gray, she co-founded a dynamic media group that has revolutionized the industry by offering innovative solutions for branding, marketing strategy, fashion expertise, promotion, online media solutions, and consulting. Notably, her visionary leadership led to the successful launch of a new line of fashion accessories, further solidifying her impact on the fashion world. Guillaumette Duplaix embodies creativity, innovation, and a profound commitment to excellence.

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Social Media
VIP / Celibrities

Branding :
Brand identity
Product strategy
Buying strategy
Commercial strategy

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Team Management
Pre / Post production
Image production

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Media Support

We propose tailored packages: publication in RUNWAY MAGAZINE, participation in talk show, communication on social media networks, marketing, creation of IMAGE in communication strategies.


Marketing Consulting Branding

Analyse of the market, branding, marketing model development, image consulting and development, color consulting and development is included in many packages.

– Support in creation of identification of the brand;

– Targeting market;

– Positioning on the market;

– Branding;

– Personalized marketing strategy of the brand;

– Promotion strategy;

– Business goals development;

– Product development;

– Market analysis;

– Color Product Development;

– Broadcast Messages;

– Presentations;

– Strategy of a hierarchical communication;

– Communications Objectives;

– Showcase of success on local and international media;

– Strategy on social media network;

– Development weakness into strength;

– Presentations.

Image Consulting

We are creating new image for your brand, with strong visual on the market, “out of the box” concept. Market today demands breaking rules, strong positioning of the brand. We are creating it for you.

Runway Magazine marketing strategies
Runway Magazine marketing strategies

Photo and Video Production

In our disposition great team of top fashion and events photographers. We propose special shootings or media cover corporative events.

We produce RUNWAY MAGAZINE talk show, broadcast on 40 TV channels with DISH NETWORK. We have seen by millions. 20 talk shows each year. We propose participation in the one of the episodes or special episode. about a company or product.

Press Kit

For information about RUNWAY services and media support, editorial, advertising, endorsements, video episodes, fashion shows and events, Marketing Packages for your company or your products please email us.