19th century, The first Fashion Show

19th century, The first Fashion Show by RUNWAY MAGAZINE ®

The history of fashion really begins in the 19th century. Creator Charles-Frédéric Worth, a pioneer of Haute Couture, scrolls, first, his models on real mannequins, in prestigious salons where a rich female clientele gather … the first fashion shows in history.

In 1900, Paris had a score of haute couture houses. There will be a hundred in 1946 (15 at the turn of the 21st century).

father-haute-couture-worth-history-runway-magazine The first Fashion Show

CHARLES FREDERICK WORTH INDUSTRIALIZES FASHION. Though born and raised in England, Charles Frederick Worth (1825–1895) became the first world famous French fashion designer. He was also the first to create and employ the principles of design and fashion that would be called “haute couture,” or “high fashion.”

worth-salon-fashion-show-history-runway-magazine The first Fashion Show
worth-label-history-runway-magazine The first Fashion Show

Installation of trimmings in the workshop of Worth, Parisian fashion designer. Paris, 1907.

worth-history-fashion-runway-magazine The first Fashion Show

Actress Carol McComas wearing a dress with ruched sleeves, a lace sweeping skirt and bustier in the style of the House of Worth, circa 1900.

Photograph : London Stereoscopic Company/Getty Images