Free Media – myth and reality

Free Media – myth and reality. I’m Eleonora de Gray, and I’m President of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. So this isn’t a journalistic essay or fiction. This is a plain analyze of the media market: where we lost in the past, what we can get in present, and what we can regain in the feature. There’s a…

Iris Apfel – Fashion Icon

RUNWAY MAGAZINE ®   Iris Apfel – Fashion Icon. Iris Apfel née Barrel is an American businesswoman, interior designer, and fashion icon. Iris Apfel is the absolute symbol of more is more: she accumulates jewelery gleaned throughout the world, multiplies extravagant touches – feathers, fur, gilding, embroidery – and is never seen without her…

Runway Magazine 2018 App new release on Google Play and Amazon

Runway Magazine 2018 App new release on Google Play and Amazon. New 2018 release of famous App RUNWAY MAGAZINE on Amazon and Google Play includes new amazing features. RUNWAY MAGAZINE News RUNWAY MAGAZINE Digital Issues RUNWAY MAGAZINE Capsule Collection of Bags RUNWAY MAGAZINE Teddy Bear RUNWAY MAGAZINE Personalized Books RUNWAY MAGAZINE Videos RUNWAY MAGAZINE Community…

Caterina Crepax in RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® Issue 2015

Caterina Crepax in RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® Issue 2015 caterina-crepax-artist-paper-fashion-magic-story-print-runway-magazine-issue-2015 photo-sergio-magnano-caterina-crepax-artist-paper-runway-magazine-issue2015 Photo : Sergio Magnano caterina-crepax-artist-paper-runway-magazine-issue2015-memories caterina-crepax-artist-paper-runway-magazine-issue2015-alice caterina-crepax-paper-dreams-magic-story-print-runway-magazine-issue2015 caterina-crepax-artist-paper-fashion-magic-story-print-runway-magazine-issue-2015

Yann Schuyers in RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® Issue 2016

Yann Schuyers in RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® Issue 2016 @yann_schuyers Yann-Schuyers-grimoire-art-magique-runway-magazine-issue-2016-eleonora-de-gray-editor-in-chief Yann-Schuyers-grimoire-art-magique-eleonora-de-gray-editor-in-chief-runway-magazine-issue-2016 Yann-Schuyers-artiste-photographe-runway-magazine-issue-2016 yann-schuyers-magazine-eleonora-de-gray-runway-runwaymagazine

A Fashion Week without idiots

A Fashion Week without idiots. RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® High fashion magazine known Worldwide by OFFICIAL RUNWAY MAGAZINE, CEO Eleonora de Gray, Headquarters Paris, France.