Chanel Culture Fund 2024

Chanel Culture Fund 2024 “Cultivating Innovation and Amplifying Artistic Voices“. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Images: RUNWAY. Video Courtesy: Chanel.

Unveiling Global Partnerships for Cultural Innovation

The CHANEL Culture Fund is poised at the forefront of cultural support and artistic advancement, embodying its mission of “Accelerating Ideas, Advancing Culture.” Today, this fund takes a momentous leap forward, broadening its global reach and announcing its inaugural partnerships with esteemed institutions worldwide.

These collaborations signify a concerted effort to nurture creativity and pave the way for a more inclusive and impactful cultural landscape. Institutions such as the National Portrait Gallery in London, the Centre Pompidou in Paris, the Power Station of Art in Shanghai, the Leeum Museum of Art in Seoul, and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago stand as integral partners in this collective endeavor.

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Fostering Critical Discourse at Leeum Museum of Art in Seoul

The initiatives launched under these partnerships are strategic and forward-thinking. Take, for instance, the Leeum Museum of Art in Seoul’s IDEA Museum, a multi-year initiative convening renowned artists, philosophers, and scientists to delve into critical global issues like the climate crisis and sustainability. This symposium, complemented by curated film screenings and an annual anthology of essays, represents a commendable effort to stimulate meaningful discourse and intellectual engagement.

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Enriching Artistic Narratives at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago’s Contemporary DNA program is dedicated to shedding light on underrepresented artists in its collection, aiming to diversify perspectives and enrich the museum’s offerings. This initiative, supported by CHANEL Curatorial Fellows, promises to infuse fresh perspectives from various cultural backgrounds into the museum’s narrative.

The National Portrait Gallery in London is undergoing a significant transformation under the leadership of the ‘Chanel Curator for the Collection’, Dr. Flavia Frigeri. This ambitious project focuses on enhancing the representation of women in the gallery’s collection, marking a pivotal moment in reshaping historical narratives and promoting inclusivity.

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Across continents, the Power Station of Art in Shanghai presents the Next Culture Producer Programme, a platform spotlighting emerging trends in craft and architecture in China. This annual initiative invites creatives from diverse disciplines, showcasing contemporary forces and providing accessible experiences to the public.

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What Is The Next Prize?

In its commitment to nurturing visionary talent, the CHANEL Next Prize stands as a beacon of support for artists challenging conventions and pushing the boundaries of artistic expression. With individual awards of €100,000 granted to ten artists across various disciplines, this esteemed accolade not only provides financial support but also fosters mentorship, academic programs, and a robust network within the arts community.

Awarded biennially, artists are nominated anonymously by an advisory board of arts and cultural leaders from around the world, representing diverse disciplines ranging from film to the visual arts.

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Chanel Culture Fund Prize 2024

The Next Prize, awarded biennially, echoes CHANEL’s heritage of supporting avant-garde artists, echoing Gabrielle Chanel’s pioneering spirit and her eagerness to embrace the future. The prize celebrates diversity and innovation, as evidenced by its inaugural winners representing 11 countries and diverse artistic domains.

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As the world eagerly anticipates the announcement of the second cohort of CHANEL Next Prize winners in early 2024, the anticipation reflects the ever-evolving landscape of groundbreaking projects and pioneering artists supported by CHANEL’s visionary initiatives.

CHANEL Culture Fund serves as a dynamic force, fostering an environment where creativity thrives, voices resonate, and the impact of art transcends borders, shaping a world where innovation flourishes and cultural evolution takes center stage.

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