Coronavirus Covid-19 – What to do when WE STAY HOME


I’m Eleonora de Gray – Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE, and I work at HOME! Our offices are closed and we all work at home. Why we do that? Because this virus, an old fossil, as it was found on one, sleeping trough the thousand years. So now just imagine if this little bugger could survive trough thousands years how dangerous this thing is.

No wonder why today medics call it an emerging virus. This covid-19 is capable evaluate very very quickly, and at the present time we don’t know what to do with it, unless we try not to be infected or if it happened keep it clean, don’t take medicine, prescribed for other sicknesses, and be positive.

Always be careful about the fake news, circulating all over internet, use the confirmed medical sources. Common symptoms, I go here very quickly, are fever, cough, shortness of breath, breathing difficulties, headaches, enormous fatigue, change of the taste (food has no tastes, nothing is), pain in the mussels. If you have these CALL YOUR DOCTOR, to start with, he’ll know what to do.

Severe cases infection can cause pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome, and DEATH. So when all doctors and information channels loudly shout to STAY HOME – they have a reason, very serious reason, believe me. There’s no point to open your windows at 8pm and give your applause in the air to exhausted and desperate doctors and nurses, if during the day you go out, walk, go to do shopping and basically don’t keep social distance (1 meter / 0,6 mile ), and touch everything that moves… or not… in this case IS IMPORTANT.

Why public don’t listen these voices who are on the first line saving our lives I’d never know. Why nurses and doctors have to cry and send over the messages, record videos and make photos, so the public might take these warnings seriously?

I take it seriously and personally, as I’m receiving these voice messages and videos from crying nurses, who are going to their work to face this virus and help people infected with this virus.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE headquarters are based in Paris, France, one of the cities infected massively with Covid-19. People are walking on the streets, as if it doesn’t concern them, social distance is not respected, they are taking trains and buses…. 20% of Parisians left Paris, took trains and cars, and went to the country houses of their parents, the elderly. It is so irresponsible! All these people took the virus with them to the grandparents – the most fragile ones… THAT is so so wrong!

These images from American, European and French hospitals, from doctors and nurses, addressed to public:

Doctors and nurse - STAY HOME message addressed to public "I stayed at work for you. You stay at home for us"
Doctors and nurse – STAY HOME message addressed to public “I stayed at work for you. You stay at home for us”
French doctors and nurse - STAY HOME message
French doctors and nurse took video with simple demand – STAY HOME!!! Posters read: “We are staying at our work for YOU! Please stay at home for US!”

Some people don’t understand that social distance is VERY IMPORTANT. They are passing just close by another person, wind brings coronavirus from infected person to the clothes of another. You touch your clothes, you touch your face – done, you are also infected!

Irresponsibility of people who do not respect social distance, who feel that they do not concern and who do not stay home
Irresponsibility of people who do not respect social distance, who feel that they do not concern and who do not stay home

People don’t understand that coronavirus can actually kill them and their families. It’s not enough to keep distance from other people. You all know that virus also transmitted trough the air, and can stay for days on different objects and specially on the metal (doors, knobs and everything we usually touch when we go out).

VERY IMPORTANT TO KNOW the time this virus survives on the surfaces. When the infected person speaks, saliva distributed in 2m minimum, 4m maximum. In certain conditions virus can stay in the air until 45 minutes. Virus stays on the skin (hands as an example) for few minutes, on the clothes, cotton (masks included) for 12h. So if you go on the street, even with your protective mask, you passed by an infected person relatively close, wind brings the virus on your mask and your clothes, you touch your mask, you touch your clothes, and then your face – done, you are infected. Virus stay on the wood (when infected person touched it) for 4 days, and the paper for 4-5 days, on the glass and metal for 5 days, on the plastic (like bags for example) for 6-9 days.

That is why that is vital importance to wash your hands and don’t touch your face.

Time coronavirus covid-19 survives on the surfaces
Time coronavirus covid-19 survives on the surfaces

You don’t need to buy 700 masks or build a ford at home from pasta boxes. Masks are really needed for people who are facing this virus on daily basis. And we have enough food in stores. And even if you wash you clothes after every time you go out – this measure do not worth the risk. So STRAY HOME!!!

And now the problem is rising about WHAT TO DO AT HOME. First of all I’ll tell you what I do. And how I manage my work at home. Normally every day I go to my office. RUNWAY MAGAZINE is all about team work. We are media company, who’s specializing in fashion and all industries which are related, included luxury. Media is a still entertainment, so we write our articles, reviews on the collections, new technologies and materials. And we are media group, who are actually creating trends, commercial images, publicity, slogans, working on social media references for the brands, we do marketing and communication strategies etc. We do many things, we are MEDIA TAILORS!

Usually at the office, our commercial managers call to the clients, answer questions, solve the problems with the orders, or do research for new clients. Our communication managers are usually answer the phone, create communication images and messages for our media and for our clients, working on our social media accounts and social media accounts of our clients. We also have a web-master, super geek, who’s writing super powerful codes for our clients for online reference, checking working key-words, checking our web-sites, helping with all tech problems of databases, well… all geeky stuff. Bizzy… buzzy… And yes, of course our communication director is setting meetings for me and Creative Director, and she is in charge for our planning – calls, meetings and travels.

Not all of this went to garbage. Business is insured. Insurance company and our government took all necessary care about financial side of this quarantine. So we all stay home – WE WORK AT HOME! Our commercial managers are still calling to our clients, and doing researches for new clients AT HOME! Our communication managers are still answering the phone, answering emails, updating social media accounts AT HOME! Our web-master is also doing his geeky stuff AT HIS HOME! Nothing really changed here.

Difference mostly is for me and Creative Director, as we do not have meetings anymore, and we STAY HOME! WE WORK AT HOME! All our meetings we now do by skype. Apart from that my work, as CEO and Editor-in-Chief is about reviews for collections, expertise, and creative work – that is all on my computer.

Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE - STAY AT HOME
Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE – STAY AT HOME

Yes, it’s a little hard to stay at home. So I have my table close to the balcony, I open windows and I enjoy the sounds of the streets, cheering, so my comfort level is reached.

There are several things I wanted to do, study, like newest marketing technics but I never have time. So now I do. I learn on internet, I do my researches. From last year we opened the war to the “copy”. There are designers out there, who design for big fashion houses, and earn great deal of money, who copy without any shame great inventions and designs of great designers. So I do my researches and findings to catch their tails. You can check one of them HERE.

Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE - STAY AT HOME
Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE – STAY AT HOME

And of course I can’t seat all the time in front of my computer, so if I’m on phone I walk around my salon, and I also I put on the disks I love and dance like no one is watching. Greatest part – my family is with me. We do dress up for dinner, so we look so great, as we are celebrating something. These are rumors of course but it is common knowledge that champagne might actually pop up your immune system. And it is also great joy! It doesn’t mean that we have to drink every day, but time to time bottle of champagne would never hurt. So we definitely have fun!

Something else you can do about your immune system. I take the vitamins to straighten it up. It is good for all occasions, and specially for this one. As you all know, at the present time there’s no cure against coronavirus, so your body will have to fight it itself, if you got infected. And this is a business for immune system. So make it stronger. Don’t buy painkillers to masquerade the pain, it’ll kill you, buy vitamins to get your system stronger.

Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE - STAY AT HOME
Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE – STAY AT HOME

So now what to do with the kids. Check out the TV channels, check out web-sites of the museums. That actually works worldwide. Check web-site of Louvre (Paris) or Metropolitan Museum (New York), many of them opened up the channels and broadcasting the special thematic programs about painters. There are also theaters. You can’t go there but you can always check their web-sites, they started to broadcast their spectacles. You can actually create some fun videos and do interactive birthday celebrations. Check this web-site.

Now movies. Do you know that many movies which were still suppose to be in the cinema are cancelled and moved to different internet sources, so you can watch latest movies online. The cost is really small. So it is harm for this business, no no harm for you.

Talking about movies and what to do at home. EXERCISE! No matter how. Don’t know any special moves, just dance, or try to learn runway walk in your corridor. And here’s a best modeling teacher for you! Just do it! Do it like Jack Black does!

Jack Black – learn runway walk and stay home by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

I laughed so hard when I saw it! Stay connected – internet and social media are here for. Talking about the stars, facing this epidemic and economical crisis, you can check up your favorite stars on Instagram, and what they are doing, and what they broadcast to public. You will be surprised. And now you can actually see their real faces. Some of them are so ugly. I was very disappointed in U2 Bono, who was so high that sang out of notes. I lost all respect to Ellen DeGeneres, who’s in her sweatpants for several days posting on twitter and instagram her appalling, mind numbingly dull videos. I’ll never watch her shows ever again, as many I guess.

Oh well… We don’t want to see the ugly faces, we want to see beautiful ones. Great example is Billy Porter, great singer and performer, simply extravagant man with bright spirit, and his newly issued self-survival guide. Very joyful and useful!

And last but not least, if you have a little time to spear after working, calls, learning and runway walking it is IMPORTANT to do the physical exercise. Minimum 30 min a day. And the first person to go to is of course Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yesterday he published on social media his old book of exercises without any professional tools. He did it in hotel / room with chairs and books. VERY VERY USEFUL exercise guide. It’s Arnold recommended: Pushups, Dips between chairs, Sit-ups, Bent-leg raises, Bent-over twists, Knee bends, Calf raises, Chin-ups : Beginner – 25 Reps, Advanced – 50 Reps.

Stay tuned, tinned (preserved and well conserved), and connected!!!!! STAY HOME!