Dior Cruise 2023

Dior Cruise 2023 Plaza de España Seville. Story by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE.

“I consider Cruise a truly unique collection, a project made by the convergence of different cultures and people and an opportunity for knowing and exchanging. It is a community work that involves people and craftsmen giving shape to unprecedented forms of collaboration characterized by a reflection on the inspirations that come from the territories that originate them.” Maria Grazia Chiuri

Tonight in Plaza de España Seville Dior showed outstanding show. Sevilla’s spectacular Plaza de Espana choosen to present Dior Cruise 2023 collection today. The ties between Dior and Andalucia were created in 1950s.

Dior Cruise 2023 Resort Runway Magazine

This Dior collection is a unique, and one of a kind show, presenting the excellence of Andalusian crafts and culture trough the creativity of local artists and artisans.

Dior Cruise 2023 Resort Runway Magazine

The emblem of Dior Cruise 2023 is the legendary flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya, known as La Capitana. She is the symbol of this collection and brings us back to the realities of flamenco with her performing that does not submit to any canons. A revolutionary artist of extraordinary deeds, who through the gesture of dance combines strength and fragility. She is capable of depicting the soul of Spain and interpreting a conscious feminine idea that is feminism.

Carmen Amaya inspiration for Dior Cruise 2023, photo 1944 USA by Universal Pitture

This image was printed in United States of America-Copyright 1944, Universal Pitture Co.Inc.

The feminine strength represented by Carmen Amaya comes alive in the works of Maria Angeles Vila Tortosa in compositions made of typical elements of Spanish folklore. The words Embrujo, Fuerza, Empoderamiento, Fuego, Cuerpo punctuate the works on paper made with engraving, an ancient technique that this artist brings up to date by making it militant.

Dior cruise 2023 collection is a journey of discovery and reflection. The locations chosen provide a spectacular backdrop for a procession of garments that come together to form a runway, echoing the history of the house and its desire to seek out original collaborations inspired by their native territories.

Dior Cruise 2023 Resort Runway Magazine

The icon of this collection is la Capitana, the name given to Carmen Amaya. With her freedom to dance that did not submit to any rule, she represented the essence of flamenco. An artist with singular, revolutionary movements, she was the first dancer in her field to dress in men’s clothing, combining power and fragility through her art. Expressing the soul of Spain, she continues to embody a conscious and plural femininity.

Dior Cruise 2023 Resort Runway Magazine

From the spring-summer 1956 Haute Couture Bal à Séville dress – designed by Christian Dior – to the Plaza de España – built for the 1929 Iberia-American exposition to embrace the richness of the cultures that have shaped Spain and represent its multitudes – real and metaphorical places abolish borders by rethinking the dress codes that inspire fashion. In this intense atmosphere, depicted in the chiaroscuro of some of Goya’s paintings and through the words of Federico García Lorca, a creative process was born, melding fascination, homage, interpretation and restitution.

Dior Cruise 2023 Resort Runway Magazine

Among other references, the looks evoke the duchess of Alba, a legendary character who rode horses with Jackie Kennedy in a short jacket, high-waisted pants and a wide-brimmed hat worn on an angle. But also, red, black, and mantillas. Elsewhere, the abundance of embroidery that adorns the venerated Madonna Della Macarena’s gowns takes on the role of a sacred ritual in a choreography that suspends the body into an iconic image.

Dior Cruise 2023 Resort Runway Magazine

The emblematic manila shawl retells the stories and journeys of the communities that created and wore it. The tale of these nomadic objects is narrated using multiple voices: note the men’s pinstripe suits, the pants worn with suspenders, the silk-lined waistcoats; the white shirts; the Andalusian horseman’s pants; the short jackets adorned with Brandenburg closures; the trimmed boleros that make the silhouette even more slender; the sleeves that can flare out like a cape.

Shimmering taffeta – in red, yellow, ochre, black – is sculpted into exuberant skirts that symbolize both Dior and Spain. Carefully considered volumes elevate the contrasts; lace appears in manifold forms; the bar, jacket is reinvented in black velvet embroidered with various gold threads.

Dior Cruise 2023 Resort Runway Magazine

This Dior cruise event is thus transformed by Maria Grazia Chiuri into a meeting of emotions and intentions, conveying an idea of fashion that is both of the everyday and of the extraordinary, wherein the creations celebrate the multiplicity of the visions of femininity.

Photo Courtesy: Christian Dior

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Posted from Seville, Distrito Sur, Spain.