Dior Spring Summer 2024 Campaign

Dior Spring Summer 2024 Campaign Ready-to-Wear. Story by Kate Granger, with remarks of Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Tina Barney / Christian Dior.

In a mesmerizing departure from its traditional elegant aesthetic, Dior’s Spring Summer 2024 Campaign unfolds a tale of “Sorcery and Monsters” that transforms into a narrative of self-assertion and the diverse facets of femininity. Maria Grazia Chiuri, the Creative Director, orchestrates a wardrobe that deftly unites opposites, seamlessly blending refinement with simplicity, creating a plural singularity.

The campaign, captured through the lens of the renowned American photographer Tina Barney, unveils a choreographed tableau where models traverse the convergence of past and present, between candor and irresistible subversion. In this mystical setting, reminiscent of “rooms of one’s own,” the silhouettes showcase emancipation and the essence of fabric as “the only vehicle for dreams,” echoing Monsieur Dior’s profound words.

Embodying ingenious freedom, the collection sees jackets and skirts delicately frayed, while architectural cuts, fluid and poetic, sketch and sculpt the body in graceful motion. The iconic Abandon dress from Christian Dior’s fall-winter 1948 haute couture line undergoes a metamorphosis with asymmetrical necklines, subtly unveiling the curve of the shoulder.

The Dior Toujours bag takes on a new dimension, reinterpreted in crinkled leather with the iconic macrocannage motif, providing a voluptuous escort to this rebellious grace. Complementing the ethereal outfits are Diorebel lace-up boots, adorned with virtuoso embroidery, and Adiorable pumps, embellished with white resin beads and ankle-embracing straps.

At the heart of this captivating inner odyssey lies an ode to sorcery, transcending a singular narrative. The collection encourages an exploration of fashion as a means of expressing one’s true self, embracing the magic that fabric holds – a fusion of imagination and reinvention.

Dior Spring Summer 2024 Campaign, invites us into a realm where beauty unfolds in multifaceted splendor, refusing to be confined to a single story. But the monsters are still hidden within.

Have a look at Dior.com shopping website. If you are not sensitive the website looks like Zara website, everything is dark, everything is black and white. If you are sensitive – you got scared. Look at these models showing you the latest jewelry or ready-to-wear looks… Every time I look, I feel like watching a scary movie. Look at these dark MOUTH-HOLES. I almost see insects pouring out…. Brrrrrrr….. scary…. Marketers, public relation officers, what have you done with a beautiful colorful Dior house? Embraced dark side of Maria Grazia Chiuri, mother of Dark Tinker Bell and all things dark, perversity and suffering? 

Eleonora de Gray


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Posted from Paris, 4th Arrondissement, France.