Elie Saab Fall Winter 2024-2025

Elie Saab Fall Winter 2024-2025 “Melodies of Graceland”. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Elie Saab.

In the heart of a chic and vibrant Memphis night, the latest Elie Saab Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection, titled “Melodies of Graceland,” comes alive, echoing through the city streets with a symphony of style and grace. This season, Elie Saab beckons the modern woman into a world where fashion dances in harmony with the legendary tunes of Graceland, painting the town in the soft neon glow of timeless elegance.

A Symphony of Style

As the melodies pulsate, they bring forth modish feminine silhouettes that make a grand entrance with their subtly exaggerated volumes, intricate materials, and ornate details. The collection is a testament to Saab’s mastery in blending extravagant beaded paisley that glistens on wool capes and crop-top crepe ensembles, with the strong moody blue of oversized denim. These pieces reinterpret golden abstract Elie Saab monograms into chic Western motifs, adorning broad shoulders and wide hemlines in a display of modern opulence.

1 Elie Saab Fall Winter 2024 2025 Ready To Wear Runway Magazine

2 Elie Saab Fall Winter 2024 2025 Ready To Wear Runway Magazine

Harmonies in Color and Texture

In a subdued yet rich palette of black and white, the collection adds vibrant notes of Viva Las Vegas magenta and Suspicious Mind green. These hues carry through in airy flowing silk and draping cady dresses, adorned with swirling rosette brooch embellishments that sing a tune of understated luxury. Long bold fringe accents draw the eye to clean lines, swishing and swaying with each movement, in a true celebration of country glamour.

Evening Elegance

As the day fades into the embrace of sundown, the Elie Saab woman continues to channel her inner Presley magnetism. Dazzling oversized manteaus envelope her figure, while intricate appliqué traces the contours of figure-hugging velvet cocktail attire. Lace embroideries blossom into tulle sweetheart bustiers and plunging V-necklines, and classic black crepe off-the-shoulder pencil gowns are reborn with illuminating white bouquets that vine gracefully across their sides.

3 Elie Saab Fall Winter 2024 2025 Ready To Wear Runway Magazine

4 Elie Saab Fall Winter 2024 2025 Ready To Wear Runway Magazine

Accessories with Character

The collection is accentuated with high cowboy chunky-heeled boots, big buckle-forward crossbodies, and charmed belts, adding the final touches of carefree spirit with the refined essence of the Wild West. These accessories not only complement the attire but also encapsulate the free-spirited boldness of the Elie Saab woman.

A Contemporary Spirit

The Elie Saab Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2024-2025 collection is a celebration of strength, gentleness, excitement, and grace. It is a contemporary spirit encapsulated in fashion, where the Melodies of Graceland resound not just in homage to Elvis, but also in the iconic images of Priscilla. This collection is a never-ending song, a testament to the enduring influence of Graceland’s melodies, reimagined through the lens of modern femininity and sophisticated grace. In this collection, Elie Saab invites every woman to step into the night, alive with the melodies that echo through the ages, dressed in a harmony of style that is both timeless and unmistakably now.

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