Gucci Fall 2024-2025 Menswear

Gucci Fall 2024-2025 Menswear. “A Tender Reflection on Sabato De Sarno’s Gucci” – Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Gucci.

Sabato De Sarno‘s Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection for Gucci unfolds as an exquisite ode to sartorial refinement and a nod to the brand’s timeless legacy. De Sarno, as the Creative Director, employs a mirroring technique, skillfully reflecting the sentiments and elements of his inaugural Gucci Ancora fashion show. This approach not only encapsulates the designer’s vision but also presents a cohesive narrative for the Gucci wardrobe.

2 Gucci Fall Winter 2024 2025 Menswear Runway Magazine

The collection’s charm lies in its fusion of classic silhouettes with a subtle touch of rock-n-roll and masculinity. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted, striking a delicate balance between sophistication and a hint of rebellious spirit. This juxtaposition creates a collection that resonates with both traditional elegance and a contemporary edge, embodying the essence of the Fall Winter 2024 season.

1 Gucci Fall Winter 2024 2025 Menswear Runway Magazine

A notable aspect of this unveiling is the Gucci Art Wall in Milan, featuring a poignant piece by Valerio Eliogabalo Torrisi. The inscription, ‘Ogni tanto, lo so, sogni anche tu, e sogni di noi’ (Every now and then, I know, you dream too, and you dream of us), adds a layer of emotional depth to the collection. Torrisi’s work serves as a meaningful backdrop, reinforcing the intersection of fashion and art that is integral to De Sarno’s vision for Gucci.

3 Gucci Fall Winter 2024 2025 Menswear Runway Magazine

Torrisi’s creation is not merely an artistic addition; it becomes a visual manifestation of the emotions woven into each garment of the Fall Winter 2024 collection. The unveiling of Gucci Art Walls worldwide, featuring Torrisi’s piece, further enhances the anticipation for De Sarno’s debut men’s collection in Milan, creating a global connection through shared dreams and emotions.

4 Gucci Fall Winter 2024 2025 Menswear Runway Magazine

Sabato De Sarno’s Gucci Fall Winter 2024-2025 collection is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship and a harmonious blend of classical and contemporary aesthetics. Ancora emerges as a symbol of enduring style, marking a significant chapter in Gucci’s journey with a collection that speaks to the heart of fashion enthusiasts. And it sparkles in all right places…

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