Jean-Paul Gaultier at Monnaie de Paris

Jean-Paul Gaultier at Monnaie de Paris

France by Jean-Paul Gaultier

In 2017, Monnaie de Paris presents a series of Face Value Coins depicting France seen by Jean Paul Gaultier. The cities, the provinces or the regions are seen through the eyes of French fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier are presented on the twenty-four 10€ silver coins. Two uncolorised 50€ silver coins, two colorised 50€ silver coins and the 200€ gold coin featuring the strong French symbols complete the series.


jean-paul-gaultier-monnaie-paris-eleonora-de-gray-france-runway-magazine Jean-Paul Gaultier at Monnaie de Paris


Jean-paul-gaultier-monnaie-paris-getty-images-eleonora-de-gray-runway-magazine Jean-Paul Gaultier at Monnaie de Paris


French designer, Jean-Paul Gaultier shows a coin during the launch of a serie of collection limited coins on March 20, 2017 in Paris, France. ‘La Monnaie de Paris’ called on the creator to produce his 2017 collection of precious metal coins called “France by Jean-Paul Gaultier”.

Photo © Chesnot/Getty Images

borde-jean-paul-gaultier-cristina-cordula-eleonora-de-gray-runway-magazine Jean-Paul Gaultier at Monnaie de Paris


Jean-Paul Gaultier and cristina Cordula

Photo © Olivier Borde/Bestimage

aissa-maiga-jean-paul-gaultier-eleonora-de-gray-runway-magazine Jean-Paul Gaultier at Monnaie de Paris


Aïssa Maïga and Jean Paul Gaultier

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monnaie-paris-france-jean-paul-gaultier-getty-images-eleonora-de-gray-runway-magazine Jean-Paul Gaultier at Monnaie de Paris


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