Kids-Tokei Finalists Photo-competition 2024 Vol.2 Part 2

Kids-Tokei Finalists Photo-competition 2024 Vol.2 Part 2 Tiffany Collection. Tiffany toys, clothing and accessories were used at the shooting. Photos: Kids-Tokei studios. Creative concept: RUNWAY MAGAZINE.

A Passage to Dreams and Tiffany’s Magical Collection for Future Icons

Located in the dynamic heart of Tokyo, where cutting-edge innovation meets cherished traditions, the headquarters of Kids-Tokei stands as a crucible of creativity and opportunity. Here, the World Kids Audition 2024 gathered young hopefuls from across the planet. Inspired by aspirations as lofty as Tokyo’s renowned skyline, these emerging models, each bringing their unique stories and backgrounds, converged in Tokyo, aiming to shine in the competitive world of fashion modeling.

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Kids Tokei on RUNWAY MAGAZINE Vol2 5

The Kids-Tokei photo competition, celebrated for its pioneering spirit, has announced a notable partnership with the prestigious RUNWAY MAGAZINE. This collaboration provides an unparalleled platform for these rising stars. The finalists are presented with the life-altering opportunity to be featured in a globally recognized fashion magazine.

This initiative has redefined the platform, spotlighting the spirit, stories, and individuality of young talents through the art of photography. It creates a vibrant tapestry of dreams, ambitions, and diverse personalities, transforming images into a compelling narrative. At its heart, Kids-Tokei focuses on capturing the true expressions of each participant, crafting stories that are as captivating as they are authentic.

Runway Magazine Cover Tiffany 2

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This year’s Kids-Tokei photo competition was notably enhanced by incorporating Tiffany accessories and toys into the shoots, adding a touch of elegance and whimsy to the event. This integration of Tiffany’s charming items provided a unique flair to the competition, aligning with the enchanting and imaginative aspects of the young models’ presentations.

Driven by the energetic creativity showcased in the competition, the presence of Tiffany’s items was more than decorative; it was inspirational. It provided a glimpse into how the worlds of high fashion and playful elegance can intersect, beautifully complementing the youthful spirit and aspirations of the participants.

Kids-Tokei, with its core philosophy of global inclusivity and celebrating unique identities, continues to resonate deeply with those who see fashion as a boundary-crossing, age-defying, and background-transcending endeavor. This competition stands as a testament to the belief that everyone, regardless of origin, has a compelling story to share and a dream worth pursuing.

How to participate please contact KIDS-TOKEI.

Kids-Tokei Quarter Finalists Photo-competition 2024 Vol.2 Part 2

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