Pierre Cardin Spring Summer 2024

Pierre Cardin Spring Summer 2024 “Futuristic Chic”. Story by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Pierre Cardin / Muraca.

Pierre Cardin Spring Summer 2024 collection made a bold and futuristic statement that echoed the late Pierre Cardin’s innovative legacy. The presentation, which took place on September 25th under the magnificent modernist dome of the Communist Party building designed by Oscar Niemeyer, was a testament to both fashion and architectural brilliance.

Rodrigo Basilicati-Cardin, with a deep appreciation for Niemeyer’s inventive and futuristic architecture, chose this unique venue as a tribute to his uncle, Pierre Cardin. The collection not only paid homage to the past but also embraced a forward-thinking perspective on environmental responsibility.

In a time when environmental issues are at the forefront of the fashion industry, this ethical collection continued the house’s signature style while emphasizing sustainability. Models of diverse ages and nationalities graced the catwalk, highlighting inclusivity and diversity in the fashion world.

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2 Pierre Cardin Spring Summer 2024 Runway Magazine

3 Pierre Cardin Spring Summer 2024 Runway Magazine

The presentation was organized around four distinctive themes, and in the face of ecological challenges, it demonstrated a strong commitment to biodiversity. The refined blue decor that evoked the seabed was a striking visual representation of this dedication.

The collection began with daytime models inspired by the sea, featuring colorful trapeze dresses and transparent effects reminiscent of underwater motifs such as seahorses, nautilus, and coral branches. Trouser suits with imaginative collars, including tie collars and leaf collars, added a touch of sophistication.

One of the standout elements was the fish dresses with their original designs, featuring asymmetrical and cut-out sleeves that brought to mind fins and scales. This creative interpretation of aquatic life added a unique and memorable dimension to the collection.

The presentation concluded with pointed, slatted, or openwork evening dresses adorned with pearly patterns, exuding elegance and refinement. It’s worth noting that the majority of the creations were crafted from recycled polyester, natural fibers, or dormant stock, showcasing the brand’s commitment to sustainable fashion. Vinyl and neoprene, which have been iconic materials for the house, continued to shine in this collection.

To complement the stunning ensembles, futuristic unisex glasses, a starfish bag, and unique footwear were designed by licensees of the brand, adding an extra layer of sophistication and style to the overall presentation.

Pierre Cardin Spring Summer 2024 collection was a fusion of heritage and innovation. It celebrated the legacy of Pierre Cardin while boldly addressing contemporary environmental concerns. With its visionary designs and commitment to sustainability, this collection marked a significant moment in the fashion industry, and it will undoubtedly be remembered as a testament to the enduring spirit of Pierre Cardin’s legacy.

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