Real Face of Dior

Real Face of Dior. Article by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE.

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The Dior Legacy

In the world of high fashion, Dior has long been associated with elegance, sophistication, and artistic expression. Founded by the visionary Christian Dior in the 1946, the House of Dior has been an icon of Haute Couture, with its creations often likened to the beauty of blooming roses. However, recent events have cast a dark shadow over this renowned brand, revealing a disturbing side that raises serious questions about its commitment to democratic principles.

What do we know about Dior? Christian Dior was a son of a manufacturer of fertilizers for flowers, mainly roses. So when Christian Dior started this wonderful adventure he grew women like roses, giving them absolute elegance and fabulous bloom. All his evening gowns resemble flowers. And that is how House of Dior began. Rose became the powerful symbol and identity of this brand.

Generation after generation designers passed this identity from one to another, creating memorable pieces, worthy of the great artistry of the founder. Until recently… It’s been more than 5 years dark shadows started to dwell in this House of Dior, people who work there darkened. Roses became monsters.

Sounds like a fairytale, isn’t it?

Winds of Change

What do you think you buy when you buy a Dior bag? You think you buy luxury, finest craftsmanship and art. Do you really? You buy the concept. But what if you know that behind this concept this hidden something unbearably ugly would you buy it then? Everything has energy. Dior bags or gowns have energy. And it is very important what concept or energy you are wearing.

It all began more than five years ago when significant changes swept through the House of Dior under the leadership of CEO Pietro Beccari (2018-2023). While change can be positive, in Dior’s case, it took a concerning turn.

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Media Freedom at Stake

One glaring example of Dior’s questionable behavior in this regard revolves around its treatment of the media. The media plays a pivotal role in a democratic society, providing independent and diverse perspectives on matters of public interest. It is a cornerstone of democracy that ensures the public has access to information and opinions from various sources. However, Dior’s actions have raised serious doubts about its commitment to upholding these principles.

I’m Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE, can attest to this firsthand. Dior has demonstrated a disturbing disregard for media outlets, particularly those that dare to express opinions that don’t align with the brand’s narrative. My critical articles about the creative direction of Dior under Maria Grazia Chiuri were met with strong opposition from the fashion giant. Instead of engaging in a constructive dialogue, Dior resorted to aggressive tactics.

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Dior’s lost Identity

I was never a big fan of Maria Grazia Chiuri. I have my own opinion about “Butch Dior” couture, dark side of Maria Grazia Chiuri, feminism and sorcery, expressed trough unflattering t-shirts, spikes, Italian laces, and handmade embroideries, did not sit well with Dior.

It appears that Dior couldn’t tolerate criticism, even if it was grounded in personal opinions and creative assessments. This raises questions about Dior’s commitment to fostering diverse viewpoints and engaging in open dialogue with the media.

Nothing from what she does corresponds to Christian Dior identity. I wrote several articles expressing my opinion, explaining this “new” essence of Dior House. Oh yes, these articles became popular, opinion considered and shared. While it’s not unusual for a fashion house to receive mixed reviews, Dior took drastic measures. My articles garnered considerable attention and provoked discussions, but it seems they hit a nerve at Dior.

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Suppression of Independent Voices

In early 2022, RUNWAY MAGAZINE took a bold step into the metaverse, exploring how media could adapt to the rapidly evolving digital landscape. This innovation, known as Runway Web3 Studio, aimed to provide a new and immersive browsing experience for readers. All legal matters and intellectual property rights were diligently addressed to ensure a smooth transition into this new era.

We decided to move forward and try our creative forces in the metaverse. We thought how we can adapt all these fabulous technologies to the media, how media should function in the new era of browsing experience. We decided to go with metaverse or Web3 editions. We launched Runway Web3 studio in January 2022, and showed our first Web3 publications in July 2022. 

You can only imagine that all these steps were carefully rechecked with our attorneys, intellectual property American and European offices, all legal notices and disclaimers were in place. No mistake permitted when we decide to do this giant step forward. We created a few first Web3 publications about Spring Summer 2023 trends, covering the most memorable collections, placing the images we receive from fashion houses into 3d environments. The same layouts we published in magazine, we placed in Web3. And Dior collection was part of it

Dior’s involvement in this story took a particularly alarming turn in November 2022 when they reached out directly to RUNWAY MAGAZINE’s hosting provider. What followed can only be described as a blatant abuse of power and a threat to media freedom. Dior issued a TAKE DOWN notice, falsely accusing RUNWAY MAGAZINE of copyright infringement, counterfeit, parasitism, and demanded the removal of RUNWAY MAGAZINE Web3 publications.

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Dior’s Alarming Actions

And it’s how we discovered Dior’s “authentic self”. These actions were not only damaging to RUNWAY MAGAZINE but also highlighted a disturbing pattern of behavior. It seemed as though Dior was willing to go to great lengths to stifle criticism and suppress the media’s independence. The removal of the web3 innovation jeopardized planned contracts and investments made by RUNWAY MAGAZINE, putting the company’s future in jeopardy.

Removal of our web3 innovation canceled all planned contracts, and we had to find a solution how to deal without waiting for the return of the investment, and keep moving forward.

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Upholding Democratic Values

Despite the challenges posed by Dior’s actions, RUNWAY MAGAZINE persevered. Legal discussions have cast a shadow over the magazine’s reputation, censorship on anything we publish or create. But the commitment to upholding democratic values remains steadfast. Dior’s threats have not deterred the magazine from its mission.

In a democratic society, media freedom is paramount. The ability of journalists and media organizations to operate independently and report on matters of public interest is essential to maintaining a vibrant and informed society. Dior’s recent actions, however, cast doubt on its dedication to these principles.

This troubling episode sheds light on the stark contrast between Dior’s image of luxury and refinement and its actions when faced with criticism and dissent. It is a stark reminder that even in the world of high fashion, the principles of democracy, freedom of expression, and media freedom should never be compromised.

As we continue to navigate an ever-evolving media landscape, it is crucial to hold brands accountable for their actions and ensure that they uphold the democratic values that underpin our society.

I’m bringing this story for you to see the REAL FACE OF DIOR behind the luxury wrapper ! I don’t know for whom these collections of Dior are today, but it’s definitely NOT FOR YOU, as the position of Dior today doesn’t correspond to the humanity values we are carrying. Behind each and every piece there are dark energies, so well represented by creations of Maria Grazia Chiuri. Are you sure you want to wear something like this?

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