Richard Quinn Fall Winter 2023-2024

Richard Quinn Fall Winter 2023-2024 “Here comes Secondhand Bride” London Fashion Week. Story by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Richard Quinn.

Name of Richard Quinn became somehow known in 2020 when he showed an absolutely outstanding collection during London Fashion Week. Since the beginning there was something… something familiar. There were looks that we’ve seen somewhere before… somewhere in Dior, during the John Galliano period, Alexander McQueen… 

Even though it was obvious it was somehow hidden. Richard Quinn got his start when Her Majesty Elizabeth II came to the St Martin’s show and congratulated him, calling him second Alexander McQueen. 

Yes, exactly The Second.  Richard Quinn came with the flower prints, big and small… sometimes leopard prints and BDSM Windbreaker – bankrobers headpieces. See all looks HERE. And also see his collection HERE.

He exploited these flowers until now… He tried himself in hard BDSM catwoman looks with flower prints, with hope to charm the luxury market. It didn’t work though.

He’s been put on the fashion map and started to attract attention, including mine. So I went to get one of his pieces from this famous collection. I still love this coat even though I had many regrets.

Christian Dior Couture by John Galliano Spring Summer 2008
Christian Dior Couture by John Galliano Spring Summer 2008

This Leopard print has long adorned Christian Dior’s designs starting with his very first collection unveiled in 1947.

This flecked motif, then called “Jungle,” appeared on an ensemble of the same name and on the Reynold evening gown and has since been reinterpreted season after season by the House’s successive Artistic Directors.

Dior by John Galliano Spring Summer 2008 vs Richard Quinn Fall 2020 2021 Eleonora de Gray Runway Magazine
Eleonora de Gray wears Richard Quinn Fall 2020-2021

I started to look closely at this designer and his collections season after season… and… started to get more and more “acid in my mouth”. Once I wrote a quite punchy review… And…. Richard Quinn blocked me and all accounts of Runway Magazine on instagram.

In short, you follow a designer, you buy his pieces, you write your opinion, he doesn’t like it, and he blocks you – that’s the best commercial I’ve ever seen. I wonder if he blocks all his buyers on Instagram after they wear his pieces?

How matureFlashback! What we are at school now? Perhaps it is time to  grow up and assume that someone out there knows exactly what you are doing, accept critics and start creating. How about that for change?

So.. this new collection of Richard Quinn for Fall 2023-2024 is no better. After an unsuccessful BDSM catwomen he decided to go all bridal. Bridal market is big… maybe here he’ll get success… I’m not quite sure. All Bridal looks remind other designer’s Bridal collections.

“Here comes Secondhand Bride” is probably the best name to describe this new collection of Richard Quinn. And for bridesmaids he kept his little flower prints and looks from previous collections. So if you really want to buy it, wait when it will be on sale, and sale again.

2 Richard Quinn Fall Winter 2023 2024 London Runway Magazine

1 Richard Quinn Fall Winter 2023 2024 London Runway Magazine

3 Richard Quinn Fall Winter 2023 2024 London Runway Magazine

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