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Art Vision Web3

The visionary depth of modern art, epitomized by the avant-garde works of Salvador Dali, Edgar Degas, Pablo Picasso, and Vincent van Gogh, transcends aesthetics, propelling the artistic narrative into realms of boundless imagination and emotional intensity.

Salvador Dali, with his surrealist masterpieces, shattered the constraints of reality, delving into the subconscious with melting clocks and dreamlike landscapes.

Edgar Degas, renowned for his evocative portrayals of ballet dancers, captured fleeting moments with a profound elegance and dynamism, immortalizing movement and grace.

Picasso’s cubist revolution disrupted conventional forms, fragmenting and reassembling perspectives to reveal multifaceted dimensions of reality, while Van Gogh’s emotive brushstrokes and vibrant colors conveyed raw emotions and a deeply personal interpretation of the world, offering an intimate glimpse into his tormented yet transcendent vision.

Together, these visionaries redefined art, challenging norms, and unveiling new dimensions of expression that continue to inspire and intrigue generations. And that’s what we continue to do today, opening new dimensions of web3, and rediscovering these great artists.

What to experience in Runway Art Vision Web3

As we chronicled these extraordinary moments in Web3, we couldn’t help but feel that this was a turning point in the art industry. Web3 had opened up new possibilities for storytelling, allowing you to experience the drama, the artistry, and the magic of art pieces in ways never imagined.

And we would like you to experience this moment when art and technology merged. Go inside and experience the inner meaning in Web3, listen to what sculptures tell you. The world of Art Web3 is waiting for you. Prepare yourself for the SURPRISE….


Tips – How to use Runway Art Vision Web3

This is a Web3 / Metaverse integration. You don’t need to register an account to explore the Runway Art Vision Web3. Just choose a random name and an avatar.

If you want to have customized avatar options then an account is required. If you prefer to use mobile device that you’ll have to install an application for better performance.

Use your mouse to turn around. On mobile devices use dots to walk around or jump.

Navigation: on the keyboard use keys: W, A, S, D, Space to jump.

To have a full experience keep your sound on.

If for some technical reason the Web3 screen is dead just reload the page.

How to use Runway Metaverse 2

To look around, use the mouse, click and drag the screen in all directions: to see on the right, to see on the left, to see up and to see down. 

How to use Runway Metaverse 3

While exploring you can jump to reach something, or go up and down. Press the spacebar on the keyboard

How to use Runway Metaverse 4

To walk use the keys on the keyboard, or click the mouse where you want to go. The Keys on keyboard: W, S, A, D or Arrows.

How to use Runway Metaverse 5

To see something closer or from far without moving an avatar, use the mouse scroll wheel. To see close or far will be from an avatar “point of view”. 

Just few words about your privacy

The advent of a new Web3 version of the RUNWAY MAGAZINE has transformed experiences by enabling to interact with others in a realistic virtual environment in real time.



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