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RUNWAY is a prominent media outlet that has been at the forefront of the fashion and luxury industries since its establishment in 1995. Our dedicated team brings you a wealth of content in print, digital, and Web3 / Metaverse formats, covering a wide range of subjects related to fashion design, historical research, as well as social, cultural, and red carpet events.

RUNWAY provides coverage in 9 languages through our print and digital publications. With a monthly readership ranging from 10 million, we have garnered a loyal and diverse audience worldwide. Our reach extends to countries such as the USA, Europe, China, and Japan, ensuring that our content resonates with fashion enthusiasts and industry professionals across different regions.

Our editors, ELEONORA DE GRAY and GUILLAUMETTE DUPLAIX, are well-known for their exceptional coverage and insightful articles, providing our readers with exclusive access to the latest trends, designers, and fashion events.

Introducing RUNWAY MAGAZINE Studio Design, your trusted partner for brand image consulting, color expertise, content creation, and Web3 / Metaverse solutions.

We continue to showcase the latest trends, unveil captivating fashion narratives, and shed light on the dynamic world of luxury and style.


Print Readership
30.500 Readership
Up to 10M Unique Users / Subscribers
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RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® Trademarks registered in Europe.


RUNWAY MAGAZINE Eleonora de Gray - CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Global Editorial Director
RUNWAY MAGAZINE Eleonora de Gray – CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Global Editorial Director

ELEONORA DE GRAY, a renowned figure in the fashion world, serves as the CEO, Editor-in-Chief, and Global Editorial Director of RUNWAY MAGAZINE®. With a career spanning over 35 years, she transitioned from a successful modeling career, featuring in prominent commercials like Nivea, to founding RUNWAY MAGAZINE® in 1995. As a multifaceted leader, she not only oversees this influential publication but also produces and directs the RUNWAY STUDIO WEB3, as a new step in the future of media. Her enduring commitment to the industry includes in-depth research on issues, addressing challenges in fashion and the luxury sector. Eleonora de Gray’s impact on fashion is nothing short of legendary.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE Guillaumette Duplaix Executive Director, Global Editor-at Large
RUNWAY MAGAZINE Guillaumette Duplaix Executive Director, Global Editor-at Large

GUILLAUMETTE DUPLAIX, celebrated as one of France’s foremost color specialists, has earned her reputation through her exceptional work with esteemed fashion houses like Chanel and Hermes. In 2010, she brought her remarkable expertise to the forefront as she joined the ranks of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Collaborating closely with Eleonora de Gray, she co-founded a dynamic media group that has revolutionized the industry by offering innovative solutions for branding, marketing strategy, fashion expertise, promotion, online media solutions, and consulting. Notably, her visionary leadership led to the successful launch of a new line of fashion accessories, further solidifying her impact on the fashion world. Guillaumette Duplaix embodies creativity, innovation, and a profound commitment to excellence.


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Runway Magazine presentation

RUNWAY MAGAZINE design ID since 2017
Runway Magazine
Runway Magazine
Karl Lagerfeld in support of RUNWAY MAGAZINE
Karl Lagerfeld in support of RUNWAY MAGAZINE
On photo: Jean Paul Gaultier, Eleonora de Gray – CEO and Editor-in-Chief and Guillaumette Duplaix Executive Director of RUNWAY MAGAZINE
On photo: Jean Paul Gaultier, Eleonora de Gray – Editor-in-Chief and Guillaumette Duplaix Executive Director of RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Our products and services


We produce RUNWAY MAGAZINE, International High fashion magazine. Magazine is free from publicity, luxury editions 300-400 pages, published on demand. We are saving environment. We are welcome all philanthropists to support creative work of designers and photographers.


Design concept
Top level designs
Dedicated manager

We support:

  • Social Media
  • Branding & Identity
  • SEO & Marketing
  • Content creation

We are a business dedicated to creating, planning, and handling all forms of promotion and content creation for our clients.

Our team is comprised of specialists with both product and agency experience who excel in growth strategy, execution and analysis for physical and digital products and services. In addition to end-to-end content creation and campaign management, the team works to provide media strategy and product recommendations, go-to-market growth plans, and relevant testing/beta opportunities to our clients internal team.

Our Creative team of designers and creative strategists specialize in design. We support in-house client brand teams by deriving insights based off of performance data, industry trends and channel best practices and translating that into best performing static and video creatives. The team is skilled in graphic design, illustration, motion design, design research, testing plans, concept development, ideation and insight generation.

SEO helps business owners create fast, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, which in turn helps bring more qualified potential customers to their sites and eventually increases conversion rates. Try one project with us and see how we can elevate your brand.

The advent of a new 3D version of the internet has transformed retail experiences by enabling users to interact with others in a realistic virtual environment in real time. This has led to a shift from “targeting consumers” to “engaging with community” in the consumption narrative. The eCommerce era was ushered in by the internet, while Web 2 expanded Direct-to-Consumer opportunities. With the advent of Web 3, immersive commerce or iCommerce has emerged, featuring Direct-to-Avatar (D2A) and emphasizing “experience and buy” instead of “click and buy.” The gaming world has provided a new form of communication that is facilitating the development of a new code for the intersection of physical and digital identities.

Gamevertising, or in-game branding and experiences, goes beyond media placement to represent a paradigm shift in communication where experiential storytelling takes center stage. The next generation of immersive retail experiences is leveraging extended reality (XR) and the convergence of physical and digital product offerings to bridge the gap between physical and virtual spaces.

Valentino Pink special Issue Fall 2022-2023 Runway Magazine


We propose Marketing Development packages which include : Marketing Consulting, Color Development, Communication Development, Image Consulting.
We develop branding of your company and the products in “out of the box” concepts, bringing it to targeted market.
All packages are tailored. Ask us about – We’ll surprise you.


RUNWAY MAGAZINE Web3 / Metaverse editions

Runway Web3 Metaverse Magazine or Metazine

First Metaverse Magazine idea belongs to Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Web3 magazine is offering to the readers new interactive experience based on new technologies Web3. This project launched in July 2, 2022 exclusively for Runway Magazine readers (Date when the service was first rendered under the trademark – First Use In Commerce). And public launch dates September 20, 2022.

Benefits of web3 magazine

We are a Web3 magazine or Metazine, we created the concept, an innovation – how media can involve and what media can become in Web3, as we experiment with new forms of storytelling, interactivity and engagement using 3d environments, decentralized protocols and smart contracts.

We empower readers as they can participate in the magazine “making”.

The software we use permits us to create Metaverse / Web3 magazine, and can offer improved data privacy for readers, as this software does not rely on centralized servers or platforms that can collect and monetize personal information.

The software we use can provide more transparency for readers, as it can verify the authenticity, provenance and ownership of digital content.

Web3 or Metaverse development by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Read more about Runway Magazine – the magazine of the future.

Metaverse or Web3 magazine is a 3d version of magazine. In other words, what we see on a web-site: text, images, videos, java scripts to animate some elements – all these elements of publication we see in 2d – Web2. Web3 allows us to see the same elements but in 3d, and instead of white background, usual for web-sites (Web2), we can use an architectural structure, and place in this 3d environment texts, images, videos, animations, and 3d objects in 3d.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE is a  first media, first magazine who actually finds a way to adapt and use new Web3 technologies. RUNWAY MAGAZINE proposed to make readers a part of the 3d publication. Like publications on RUNWAY MAGAZINE platform (Web2) publications in Web3 are interactive and linked to each other. We can say that the articles become some sort of environment where every reader can experience these publications LIVE.

We propose creation of Web3 / Metaverse environments, sponsored content – 3d animated objects for existing RUNWAY MAGAZINE Web3 publications.


Louis Vuitton Web3 - Louis Vuitton Metaverse - First appearance - Runway Magazine Web3 - Runway Metaverse

Runway Magazine Web3 - Runway Metaverse

Runway Magazine Web3 - Runway Metaverse


Runway Magazine promotional Bag. We propose Runway Magazine bag for the corporate use.
New line of RUNWAY bags: capsule collections, different designs available on our RUNWAY MAGAZINE online store.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE with Claudia Cardinale
Great Claudia Cardinale presents RUNWAY MAGAZINE bag at Cannes Film Festival 2017.


We produce RUNWAY MAGAZINE talk show. We have seen by millions. We produce 20 talk shows each year. RUNWAY MAGAZINE talk show took 22nd place this year in
Most Popular French Talk Shows known worldwide according to IMDb charts.



RUNWAY MAGAZINE application on Google Play and Amazon
RUNWAY MAGAZINE application on Google Play and Amazon

Stay up to date with RUNWAY MAGAZINE on application. Available on Google Play and Amazon.

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