Tom Ford Fall Winter 2024-2025

Tom Ford Fall Winter 2024-2025 “The Evolution of an Icon”. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Tom Ford.

In the hushed anticipation of the Tom Ford show’s commencement, the haunting end titles of Basic Instinct echoed through the venue, setting a tone of intrigue and allure even before the first model took to the runway. This choice of prelude, as identified by Shazam, was no mere background music; it was a statement, amplified by the presence of Sharon Stone, whose iconic role in the film parallels the iconic status of the Tom Ford brand itself. Stone, alongside luminaries such as Uma Thurman, Eva Green, Sam Claflin, Dominic Sessa, and Callum Turner, formed the constellation of stars in the front row, their collective glamour foreshadowing the spectacle to come.

1 Tom Ford Fall Winter 2024 25 Runway Magazine

2 Tom Ford Fall Winter 2024 25 Runway Magazine

3 Tom Ford Fall Winter 2024 25 Runway Magazine

At the helm of this season’s collection stood Peter Hawkings, marking his second season as Tom Ford’s creative director with a bold vision that both honors and transcends the legacy of the brand’s eponymous founder. Hawkings, a long-time collaborator of Ford, brings an intimate understanding of the brand’s DNA, yet his latest collection signals a departure, a quest to forge a distinct path forward.

The show commenced with a series of military-inflected coats and jackets, alongside a romper suit adorned with brass buttons — a nod to both formality and innovation. Hawkings emphasized the uniqueness of the collection’s fabrics, developed exclusively for the brand, underscoring a commitment to craftsmanship and exclusivity. These military-inspired pieces, while paying homage to the brand’s history, also appeal to a broad audience, extending far beyond the celebrity-filled front row.

Tom Ford, under its founder, was synonymous with the provocative, the excessive, and the avant-garde. Hawkings, in contrast, has ushered in a new era of elegance, one that retains the brand’s inherent sexiness but channels it through a more refined, perhaps more approachable, lens. The collection, with its naked crystal mesh flapper dresses and see-through catsuits, still flirts with the boundaries of fashion, yet in a manner that feels less about provocation and more about empowerment.

The essence of this new direction is perhaps most evident in Hawkings’ approach to tailoring. A seasoned expert in menswear, his transition to women’s fashion has been seamless, bringing forth a collection where the tailoring shines brightest. The three-piece suits, with their wide-lapeled jackets and shrunken waistcoats, presented in shades of silvery gray, pinstripes, and vivid purple, stand out as the collection’s crowning achievements. These pieces, while deeply rooted in the tradition of tailoring, are infused with a modern sensibility that is both bold and unapologetically Tom Ford.

4 Tom Ford Fall Winter 2024 25 Runway Magazine

5 Tom Ford Fall Winter 2024 25 Runway Magazine

This season’s collection is not just a continuation of a storied brand; it is a redefinition. Peter Hawkings has taken the foundational elements of Tom Ford — the glamour, the precision, the daring — and recalibrated them for a new era. In doing so, he has not only honored the legacy of Tom Ford but has also positioned the brand for a future where its past is both a foundation and a springboard for innovation.

As the lights dimmed on the Tom Ford Fall Winter 2024-2025 show, it became clear that this was not just a presentation of new clothes; it was a declaration of a new chapter. With Hawkings at the helm, Tom Ford remains at the forefront of fashion, a beacon of both luxury and evolution.

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