Where’s Gigi?

Where’s Gigi? This is not an article – just a story in the image. Let’s have a pause between fashion weeks, and have some fun. We all have been analyzing the new trends, observing new creative work of the designers, looking for the inspirations, colors, and trying to predict the industry for a year ahead.

At least 3 generations for the last 30 years played with the book “Where’s Waldo?” And now there are applications, Google map destruction etc. The objective of each  “Where’s Waldo?” puzzle-book is comb through the crowds of people to find Waldo, who’s always decked out.

Our graphic designer over the years clipped out thousands models. So our Editors decided to create the fashion stories. These stories we see as the amazing fashion adventures during the fashion weeks. We’ll be publishing them time to time like some sort of creative “amusings”.

And here’s the first one – Where’s Gigi? Bella Hadid lost her sister Gigi on Time Square during New York Fashion Week. Help Bella to find her sister Gigi.

Let’s see if you can find her on Time Square (just enlarge the image).

Where is Gigi puzzle by RUNWAY MAGAZINE