Balenciaga Resort 2024 Spring

Balenciaga Resort 2024 Spring. Story by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Balenciaga.

“Balenciaga Spring 24 Collection, is revealed through a time-lapse video capturing urbanity’s circadian rhythms: Passersby flow over the sidewalk, weaving through one another or pausing to observe the scene. From dog walkers to package couriers, these city dwellers both face the sunlit Parisian sky and shelter from its sudden rain… Eveningwear is given added mobility through lightweight surfer jerseys or technical crêpe textiles. Underlining daily dynamism, a Biker Boot is transformed into a Pantashoe, combining enhanced maneuverability with a gloss of demicouture. The result is an observation of metropolitan motion, fusing Balenciaga’s nexus with the pulse of real life in real time,” – says in Press-release.

What I see here… well… the same old long large coats and pants, huge ego and Colonne Vendôme – statue of Napoleon. Nothing new… Demna Gvasalia, so-called “creative” director of Balenciaga, still keeps a pinned post on his instagram that he is the most influential designer in the world according to… some…. And to some what Demna does is just a pair of dirty sneakers… in other words just Cr*p.

Do you think it’s a concept? Really? Making things trash and dirty out of Haute Couture fabulous and innovative gowns is not a concept. It’s just another bummer. And It’s been done so many times, so many years before… And by the way how are your sales going?

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Posted from Paris, 1st Arrondissement, France.