Chanel Resort 2025

Chanel Resort 2025 “A Mediterranean Reverie in Marseille”. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Chanel.

In a stunning homage to the vibrant spirit of Marseille, Chanel presented its Cruise 2024/25 collection, transforming the sun-drenched city into a canvas of haute couture. Under the creative direction of Virginie Viard, the iconic fashion house chose Marseille, the effervescent heart of the Mediterranean, as the backdrop for its latest cruise collection. The show, set at the MAMO, Centre d’art de la Cité radieuse, merged architectural brilliance with the fluidity of fashion, reflecting the city’s dynamic cultural crossroads.

Architectural Elegance Meets Marine Fantasy

Virginie Viard’s designs brought to life a unique underwater fantasy, inspired by the city’s maritime heritage. The collection featured an array of sunlit embroideries, sequinned jackets, and sophisticated swimwear, intertwined with the practicality of diving hoods—each element echoing the Mediterranean’s embrace. The play of textures and reflections crafted an aquatic reverie, where fashion dipped into the realms of both the practical and the fantastical.

Cultural Fusion: Radio Chanel Live from Marseille

Amidst the anticipation of the Cruise show, Chanel launched a unique cultural experience—Radio CHANEL. Broadcast live, this special program hosted by House ambassador Caroline de Maigret, journalist Géraldine Sarratia, and music curator Pedro Winter, encapsulated the essence of Marseille. The radio show brought together a diverse mix of artists, local personalities, and Chanel’s own ambassadors in a rich dialogue about creativity, echoing the city’s eclectic cultural landscape.

Capturing Marseille’s Essence Through the Lens

In the days leading up to the fashion spectacle, photographer Jamie Hawkesworth immersed himself in Marseille’s bustling streets, capturing the city’s pulse through spontaneous photography. His portraits, laden with raw emotion and the city’s vivid scenes, set the stage for the collection’s debut, providing a glimpse into the daily life and spirit of Marseille. Accompanied by images featuring model Loli Bahia, the visuals served as a prelude to the collection, marrying the rustic charm of the city with Chanel’s elegant aesthetic.

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Olympic Spirit and Chanel’s Fashion Festival

Coinciding with the arrival of the Olympic flame in Marseille, Chanel’s show added to the city’s festive atmosphere. The collection previewed at a time when the city was buzzing with preparations for the upcoming 2024 Paris summer games, where Marseille will play host to key events. This serendipitous timing highlighted Chanel’s knack for intertwining culture, sport, and fashion, showcasing a collection that resonated with the city’s sporty ethos, marked by scuba-inspired footwear humorously dubbed “scuba tuxedo” shoes by Viard.

A Venue Steeped in History

The choice of Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse for the show was a nod to Marseille’s architectural heritage. This emblematic building, designed as a “machine for living,” perfectly complemented Chanel’s vision, blending the artistic with the utilitarian. The weather’s unpredictability during the show only added to the dramatic flair, with designs accentuating the nautical themes against a backdrop of wind and rain, mirroring the maritime challenges of the city itself.

Chanel as a Cultural Conduit

Beyond the runway, Chanel engaged deeply with Marseille’s cultural scene. From a temporary Chanel gallery showcasing local photographic talent and art to an artist’s residency, the fashion house celebrated Marseille’s artistic vibrancy. At MUCEM, Chanel further explored its role as a patron of arts through collaborations that spanned across its artisanal workshops in Paris and the Mediterranean’s rich cultural tapestry.

Chanel’s Resort 2025 collection in Marseille was a celebration of cultural fusion, artistic exploration, and the indomitable spirit of a city that thrives at the intersection of history, art, and the vast blue sea. Chanel once again stitched together the threads of locality and luxury, crafting a narrative as captivating as the city itself.

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Posted from Marseille, 2nd Arrondissement, France.