Coach Spring Summer 2024

Coach Spring Summer 2024 “Whimsy-Shwhimsy Leather Thrill”. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Coach.

Coach’s Spring Summer 2024 collection, under Stuart Vevers’s creative direction, not only paid homage to the brand’s heritage but also showcased its commitment to sustainability and creative experimentation. The collection’s combination of classic leather pieces and innovative, eco-conscious designs demonstrated Coach’s enduring relevance in the ever-evolving landscape of luxury fashion. This show undoubtedly placed New York City back on the fashion map of wonders, solidifying Coach’s position as a primary game player in the industry, especially after Tapestry Inc’s (primary brand Coach) strategic acquisition of Capri Holdings Brands (Michael Kors, Jimmy Choo, Versace brands).

5 Coach Spring Summer 2024 New York Runway Magazine

3 Coach Spring Summer 2024 New York Runway Magazine

Coach’s Spring Summer 2024 collection, unveiled at the iconic New York Public Library during the opening of New York Fashion Week, was a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy and commitment to innovation in the world of luxury fashion. This milestone year marked Stuart Vevers’s tenth anniversary at Coach, and he used this moment to celebrate New York City itself as a fashion epicenter while addressing contemporary concerns about sustainability.

The backdrop of the New York Public Library near Bryant Park added an extra layer of grandeur to the show, emphasizing Coach’s status as “America’s House of Leather.” In a time when conversations about sustainability and climate change dominate the fashion industry, Vevers took a bold step by incorporating eco-conscious practices into the collection. Upcycled leather and denim, as well as regenerated cotton and leather, were key materials, showcasing Coach’s dedication to responsible fashion. The appearance of an anti-leather protester served as a reminder of the ongoing debate surrounding leather in the fashion world.

4 Coach Spring Summer 2024 New York Runway Magazine

2 Coach Spring Summer 2024 New York Runway Magazine

1 Coach Spring Summer 2024 New York Runway Magazine

Rather than revisiting past collections, Vevers chose to build upon the experimental shapes and construction techniques he had been refining in recent seasons. The show opened with a striking black slipdress crafted from meticulously pieced-together leather, complemented by moto boots and a stylish rounded bowling bag. Oversized leather jackets remained a focal point, with a single-breasted blazer paired elegantly with a mesh turtleneck and pointy jelly flats. Fringed suede jackets and upcycled denim jackets with artful trim details on pockets added to the collection’s diversity.

While Coach’s heritage is rooted in leather, the standout feature of the show was the introduction of soft suiting made from overused and washed cotton or wool, skillfully aged to perfection. A mossy green suit, characterized by an oversized, relaxed jacket paired with a matching slim maxi skirt, continued the silhouette exploration Vevers had initiated in the previous season. Another standout was a khaki version with a chore jacket, its shoulder seams artfully darkened to convey the imagined wear and tear of life itself.

In a playful twist, Coach incorporated its logo into a series of T-shirts and matching short-sleeve sweatshirts and sweatpants, creating a collegiate vibe that added an element of humor to the collection. Dinosaurs, elephants, and other animals, along with kisses, adorned these pieces, injecting a sense of whimsy into the overall presentation.

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