Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024

Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Emporio Armani.

In the heart of Milan, outside Giorgio Armani’s iconic Teatro on Via Tortona, a remarkable scene unfolded. A queue of at least 300 people, not your typical fashion crowd, patiently awaited entry, even in the rain. This unusual display of patience and dedication was not to witness just any fashion show; it was the Emporio Armani Spring Summer 2024 collection unveiling.

The Sustainability-Driven Partnership

But what set this event apart from the usual glitz and glamour of the fashion world was a sustainability-driven initiative named “Forestami.” In collaboration with the Polytechnic of Milan and the mayor’s office, Emporio Armani embarked on a mission to rewild the city. The crowd outside wasn’t composed of fashion elites; they were young Milanese residents eager to collect packets of seeds and soil distributed from an electric Emporio-branded Piaggio Ape. It was a testament to the brand’s commitment to sustainability and community engagement.

Armani at 89: A Living Legend

This show marked a significant milestone in Giorgio Armani’s legendary career. At 89 years old, he continues to redefine fashion and culture. The queue outside Teatro showcased the enduring cultural relevance of the Armani brand.

Emporio’s Inclusive Ethos

Emporio Armani, founded in 1981, shares the ethos of its namesake’s first line but with an inclusive approach that resonates with people from all walks of life. This collection was a nostalgic nod to the brand’s roots, reminding us why it has remained an iconic name in fashion for over four decades.

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The Collection: Timeless Elegance

The collection opened with a wide-shoulder loose-skirt jacket in white tweed, a design that harks back to the very essence of Armani’s influence on fashion. Paired with a crop top and black pants, it exuded the trademark Armani style—effortless and unpretentious.

The show progressed to reveal a series of hammered metallic-jacquard looks—easy separates meticulously crafted. Gauzy shirts and overalls were layered over shorts and skirts, creating a sense of versatility that is the hallmark of Emporio Armani.

The color palette unfolded from soothing neutrals to a vibrant rainbow of ice cream shades. Tailored jackets, some double-breasted and adorned with mini chevrons, featured strips of fabric that doubled as belts. A turquoise herringbone wool suit, lined with tufts of green wool, was a standout piece, marrying elegance with a touch of whimsy.

As the show progressed, split-yoke tunics with piped edges and checked patterns made a striking appearance, reminiscent of archival designs but infused with a fresh perspective. The models in a closing section wore colorful floor-length dresses and skirts, adorned with heaped necklaces and headscarves, invoking a sense of timeless elegance reimagined for the modern world.

Emporio Armani’s Spring Summer 2024 collection is a testament to the brand’s enduring legacy and its commitment to sustainability. Giorgio Armani, at 89, continues to shape the fashion landscape, and this collection pays homage to his iconic career. With its blend of classic Armani style and a sustainable vision for the future, Emporio Armani reaffirms its position as a true fashion institution.

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Posted from Milan, Municipio 6, Italy.