Gucci Cruise 2025 Resort London

Gucci Cruise 2025 Resort at Tate Modern in London. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo / Video Courtesy: Gucci.

In the hallowed halls of London’s historic Tate Modern, Gucci’s Creative Director Sabato De Sarno unveiled the much-anticipated Cruise 2025 collection, a dazzling tribute to the past and present of both the fashion house and the vibrant city of London. This fusion of history and modernity was brought to life in a setting that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of creativity and innovation that Gucci and London both embody.

The event drew an illustrious crowd, including British icons Kate Moss and Little Simz, who were seen at The Savoy hotel and throughout the modern art museum, serving as living embodiments of the collection’s dual homage to tradition and contemporary flair. Their presence highlighted the enduring influence of London’s cultural landscape on Gucci’s evolving narrative.

1 Gucci Cruise 2025 Resort Runway Magazine London

2 Gucci Cruise 2025 Resort Runway Magazine London

A Homage to London

“We chose London for the Cruise show, knowing that it was the right choice. I owe a lot to this city; it has welcomed and listened to me. The same is true for Gucci, whose founder was inspired by his experience here,” Sabato De Sarno remarked. This sentiment was palpable throughout the show, as the collection celebrated the city’s unique essence and its capacity to harmonize contrasts, creating a cohesive and dynamic fashion story.

The Collection: A Modern Masterpiece

The Cruise 2025 collection is a testament to De Sarno’s ability to blend recollections of places, people, and ideas into a narrative that is both personal and universally appealing. The collection features a range of stunning pieces that showcase Gucci’s signature blend of elegance and avant-garde style.

3 Gucci Cruise 2025 Resort Runway Magazine London

4 Gucci Cruise 2025 Resort Runway Magazine London

5 Gucci Cruise 2025 Resort Runway Magazine London

  • Leather Print Jackets: Modern and edgy, these jackets set the tone for a collection that is both bold and sophisticated.
  • White Wide Blouses: These timeless pieces provide a canvas for intricate details and embellishments, reflecting a classic yet contemporary aesthetic.
  • Intricate White Dresses: Delicate and detailed, these dresses highlight the craftsmanship and artistry at the heart of Gucci’s designs.
  • Amazing Embroideries: Embroidery adds a touch of whimsy and intricacy to the collection, making each piece a work of art.
  • Daisies on Jeans: Playful yet chic, the floral motifs bring a touch of nature’s beauty to modern denim.
  • Oversized and Baggy Jeans: Comfort meets style in these versatile pieces, perfect for the modern wardrobe.
  • Buddy Jeans with Sparkly Fringes: Adding a touch of glamour, these jeans are a standout element of the collection.
  • Slinky Black and Red Dresses: Elegant and sultry, these dresses are designed to make a statement.
  • Ensembles with Jackets and Shorts: Perfect for transitional weather, these combinations are both practical and stylish.
  • Pleated Long Skirts with Oversized Jackets: This signature style of De Sarno combines structure and fluidity, creating a look that is both dynamic and elegant.

A Celebration of Spirit

De Sarno’s vision for the Cruise 2025 collection is not just about fashion but about celebrating the spirit of London and its influence on Gucci. “The House’s return is driven by a desire to be immersed in its distinctive essence, its creative driving force with its limitless capability to put together contrasts, make them converse, and find ways to coexist. Today we are here to celebrate that spirit,” he said.

The show at Tate Modern was more than a display of clothing; it was a tribute to the synergy between a city and a brand that have both shaped and been shaped by the world around them. The collection’s fluidity, elegance, and modernity reflect not just a fashion statement but a deeper narrative of connection and inspiration.

As the final looks graced the runway, it was clear that Sabato De Sarno had succeeded in weaving a story that is both a reflection of his personal journey and a homage to Gucci’s enduring legacy. The Cruise 2025 collection is a true masterpiece, embodying the timeless elegance and modern edge that define the Gucci brand.

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Posted from London, Southwark, United Kingdom.