Revolutionary Runway Web3 Experience – TRY-ON Looks

Revolutionary Runway Web3 Experience – TRY-ON Looks from Fall Winter 2024-2025 Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana. Story by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photos / Videos / Concept / Development: Runway Magazine. Music: Alena Smirnova, Alex Productions, Lite Saturation, Serge Quadrado. Ms Runway Digital wear by Edvard Nielsen Signature.


In a groundbreaking fusion of technology and couture, the fashion world has stepped into the future with the release of the Web3 experience for Fall Winter 2024-2025. Runway Magazine introduces an innovative, integrated metaverse environment that transforms the way we interact with the iconic styles of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana. This metaverse experience is an exploration of fashion, is a visionary approach to blending editorial content with interactive, digital experiences.

A Magical Metaverse Integration

The new Web3 experience allows fashion aficionados to immerse themselves in a magical realm where luxury and digital innovation meet. As you enter this experience, you are greeted by a narrative that encourages you to explore your personal style and aspirations through the lens of high fashion. Each piece from the Fall Winter 2024-2025 collections of these fashion powerhouses comes to life in an ethereal setting that challenges the conventions of traditional fashion showcases.

Interactive Features and Personalized Exploration

Upon your arrival in this digital realm, you are assigned a random avatar. This avatar is not just a digital representation but a canvas awaiting your creative expression. You have the unique opportunity to customize this avatar, selecting from the sophisticated silhouettes of Chanel, the innovative designs of Louis Vuitton, and the lavish textures of Dolce & Gabbana. Each choice you make drapes your avatar in more than just fabric—it cloaks you in the possibilities of luxury and personal reinvention.

The Runway Web3 Experience allows every reader to transform into an avatar and virtually try on looks from the latest collections of Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dolce & Gabbana.

Within this metaverse, you can navigate as an avatar and try on various looks from the latest collections, experiencing the forms as if they were physically present. This feature not only brings the runway to you but also empowers you to see how these garments would look and feel on your own avatar. The experience is heightened by a special avatar of Ms RUNWAY dressed in a stunning floral gown that embodies the essence of Runway Magazine itself.

As these garments wrap around your avatar, they transform before your eyes, adapting and morphing to fit your digital persona perfectly. Here, fashion is not just observed; it is experienced and interacted with, allowing you to step into the shoes—or in this case, the fabrics—of what it truly means to embody the heart of the Fall Winter collections. This is your environment to explore, dream, and discover, guided by the seamless interface of a truly revolutionary fashion experience.

Revolutionary Runway Web3 Experience – TRY-ON Looks

Narrative and Immersive Storytelling

The experience is guided by enchanting narratives that evoke a sense of journey and discovery: “Step into a realm where the whispers of your deepest desires sail on the winds of sublime luxury… Here, in the world of your own imagination, you are the architect of endless possibilities.” This storytelling approach not only captivates the user but also enhances the emotional connection to the fashion pieces, making each interaction uniquely personal and deeply memorable.

The metaverse environment features a nautical garden where the avatars can wander. This poetic garden serves as a backdrop for the users’ fashion exploration, merging nature with the craftsmanship of high couture.

Gamification of Fashion Journalism

This innovative metaverse experience gamifies traditional media’s expert journalistic review. It serves as an educational tool, transforming photos and texts into a new form of media expression. This allows for a unique and interactive way to express opinions. Through this experience, Runway Magazine pioneers new storytelling methods.

Incorporating elements of gamification, this experience educates users about the nuances of fashion design and trends through interactive participation. It’s a bold redefinition of media’s role in the fashion industry, turning passive observation into an engaging, educational journey. This approach not only adheres to but celebrates the fair use doctrine, allowing Runway Magazine to creatively present and transform visuals into an informative and expressive new format.

Runway Magazine’s Web3 experience is more than just a digital experience; it is the harbinger of the future of fashion media. By merging editorial content with virtual interaction, Runway continues to lead the way in innovative, immersive fashion journalism.

As we chart new courses in the vast seas of imagination and technology, this experience stands as a testament to the endless possibilities at the intersection of fashion, art, and digital landscapes. This revolutionary approach not only respects but revitalizes the traditional media format, inviting users worldwide to step into the future of fashion and beyond.

Tips – How to use Runway Web3 Experience – TRY-ON Looks

This is a Web3 / Metaverse integration. You don’t need to register an account to explore this magical world.

If you prefer to use mobile device that you’ll have to install an application for better performance.

Use your mouse to turn around. On mobile devices use dots to walk around or jump.

Navigation: on the keyboard use keys: W, A, S, D, Space to jump.

To have a full experience keep your sound on.

If for some technical reason the Web3 screen is dead just reload the page.


Just few words about your privacy

The several software integrations we use permits us to create Metaverse / Web3 experience, and can offer improved data privacy for readers, as this integration is only available in your browser, these software integrations do not rely on centralized servers or platforms that can collect and monetize your personal information. No IP, no country, or any other personal information is collection. No your email address, or name are required to use Runway Web3. What we collect from you is just “1 View” – that’s all.

The advent of a new Web3 version of the RUNWAY MAGAZINE has transformed experiences by enabling to interact with others in a realistic virtual environment in real time.


Runway Magazine Media Rights

In this Web3 experience we used integrations of Unity, WebGL, Ready Player Me, Spatial technologies. The concept, design, development are intellectual property of RUNWAY MAGAZINE / RUNWAY STUDIO WEB3.

Posted from Paris, 4th Arrondissement, France.