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Louis Vuitton Cruise 2025 Resort Collection: A Tribute to Spanish Splendor. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Louis Vuitton.

The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2025 Resort collection fashion show, set against the breathtaking backdrop of Barcelona’s Park Güell, was nothing short of a visual and cultural masterpiece. Antoni Gaudí’s architectural utopia, with its mosaic ceilings and whimsical design, provided an unparalleled setting for Nicolas Ghesquière’s latest collection. This historic location, completed in 1914 and listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site, is a testament to the enduring legacy of Gaudí, whose influence continues to shape the city of Barcelona.

An Ode to Gaudí and Spanish Culture

Antoni Gaudí, more than just an architect, is a symbol of Barcelona’s evolving cultural and artistic identity. His work, characterized by its organic forms and vibrant colors, parallels the ethos of Louis Vuitton—a brand that continuously redefines luxury through innovation and homage to tradition. The 2025 Cruise collection, steeped in the rich culture of Spain, embodies this spirit by marrying the maison’s rigorous design principles with the passionate and vibrant character of Spanish artistry.

The Scenography and Soundtrack

The scenographic ambiance of the show was orchestrated by set designer James Chinlund, who ensured that the seating arrangement flowed seamlessly with the natural contours of Park Güell. This thoughtful design choice enhanced the immersive experience, allowing the audience to fully appreciate the intricate details of both the setting and the collection. The show was accompanied by a twin soundtrack featuring “Music for Chameleons” by Gary Numan and “Madame Butterfly” by Malcolm McLaren, adding an auditory layer to the visual feast.

Ghesquière’s Decade of Destination Shows

Over the past decade, Louis Vuitton under Nicolas Ghesquière’s direction has staged destination shows in architectural marvels worldwide. This year, the choice of the Hypostyle Room in Park Güell was particularly fitting. This hall, with its iconic mosaic ceilings, exemplifies Gaudí’s unique aesthetic and was intended to be part of a planned community—a project interrupted by World War I. Today, Park Güell stands as one of Barcelona’s most visited landmarks, alongside Gaudí’s magnum opus, the Sagrada Familia.

A Collection Inspired by Spanish Masters

Ghesquière’s Cruise 2025 collection drew inspiration from a variety of Spanish cultural icons. In a pre-show interview, he mentioned influences ranging from painters like Velázquez, Goya, and Zurbarán, to filmmaker Luis Buñuel, and the 2022 film As Bestas by Rodrigo Sorogoyen. Additionally, the upcoming America’s Cup in Barcelona, for which Louis Vuitton is the main sponsor, played a role in shaping the collection.

This rich tapestry of influences manifested in the collection’s diverse aesthetic. The show began with tailored, neutral looks complemented by straw gaucho hats and mirrored racing shades. These ensembles were reminiscent of traditional sailor’s vareuses, characterized by wide collars and broad shoulders, echoing the 1980s silhouettes that marked Ghesquière’s youth. As the show progressed, these structured pieces gave way to more fluid, silk garments that paid homage to the Spanish masters through their luxurious draping and chiaroscuro folds.

Innovative Design Elements of Louis Vuitton Cruise 2025 Resort

Ghesquière’s innovative approach was evident in the unique touches he incorporated into the collection. Horsey elements like glossy riding boots and jodhpurs with deep faux fur cuffs added a distinctive flair. He also played with polka dots and ruffles, steering clear of clichéd flamenco dresses and avoiding direct references to Cristobal Balenciaga, despite his own history with the house. Instead, Ghesquière nodded to fellow Spanish designer Paco Rabanne with a deconstructed white lace skirt reconstructed using wire hooks—a tribute to Rabanne’s experimental spirit.

One of the standout pieces was a one-sleeved bubble dress in ultramarine, which epitomized the collection’s blend of tradition and modernity. Ghesquière’s process-oriented approach was also evident in the silk and wool dresses that had been boiled to shrink the wool, creating unique textures that showcased his penchant for worked surfaces.

A Flair for the Audacious

Both Ghesquière and Gaudí share a flair for the audacious, pushing the boundaries of their respective fields. The Louis Vuitton Cruise 2025 Resort collection, presented in the enchanting setting of Park Güell, was a testament to this shared spirit of innovation and artistic boldness. The show was a dazzling celebration of fashion, culture, and the enduring allure of Barcelona.

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