Philipp Plein – Launch of Spectre $keleton Watch in Paris

Philipp Plein – Launch of Spectre $keleton Watch in Paris. Story by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Philipp Plein.

Tonight “Bad Boy of fashion” or “King of Blink Blink” Philipp Plein launched new timepieces from the series Skeleton SPECTRE. This new James Bond watch became a new wonder of Paris.

How well do you know Philipp Plein? One more time I would like to introduce him.

Do you know how to see a man, a person from whom you are buying? You have to know his values. The most important value he pronounced very clear ” Family is everything”.

He breaks codes, he moves the lines – a great man creating.

He didn’t create any link with any Fashion Federation. Does he really need to? Quality of his products are impeccable. Standards of qualification are labeled and registered. Quality of known luxury brands could be very low, I saw and wore pieces of known luxury brands, and they are far from being perfect. Pieces of Philipp Plein are impeccable, of great quality. Yes, they are priced, but well deserved. Being part of the Fashion Federation does not justify the price. Quality is.

He has a great respect for each and everyone. Welcoming tonight he was absolutely wonderful to everyone.

He is a visionary.

Consider this as an ode to this designer, to this man. We don’t see this kind of designers in fashion luxury brands.

5 Philipp Plein Launch of Spectre keleton Watch in Paris by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Tonight he presented new timepiece – SPECTRE, a $keleton Watch. There’s indeed something to look at.


Philipp Plein tells the story about himself, main highlights of his career, Men and Women essentials, shows his new wonder SPECTRE watch.

Traceability – that’s what today we are all about. Perhaps this doesn’t have to start with where the products were made, but with the person who made it.

Watch the interview and trace it to the person who created it…

The SPECTRE $keleton Time Piece

The power is unleashed with the exclusive skeleton edition. In this exploratory series of watches lies a collection of inspiring greatness. A work of exquisite artistry.

Combines the expertise of the watchmaking world given by the skeleton automatic movement with the futuristic design concept of 3d print which is recalled on the hexagonal perforated strap.

4 Philipp Plein Launch of Spectre keleton Watch in Paris by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

3 Philipp Plein Launch of Spectre keleton Watch in Paris by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Press release SPECTRE $keleton Watch

PHILIPP PLEIN presents the new SPECTRE WATCH on Friday, January 20th, 2023, in the enchanted Hotel de Crillon in Paris. Under the sparkling lights of the Tour Eiffel and Place de la Concorde, Philipp Plein unveils his new timepieces collection.

The venue chosen for the event places the tradition and history of this magnificent building at the centre together with contemporary Expo of 14 timepieces and the content produced by the famous International 3D artist Antoni Tudisco, worldwide known for his capability to capture the brand product features merged with digital art. History and innovation blend together to create a unique and iconic expo.

An ode to the trendsetters and risk-takers who live life to the fullest, Philipp Plein introduces the SPECTRE line for the SS23 timepieces collection. A redefinition of Time and design: PHILIPP PLEIN SPECTRE becomes the ultimate ultra-luxury execution.

In its continuing journey of excellence, PHILIPP PLEIN has developed two different versions of the SPECTRE: The $keleton SPECTRE, the authentic automatic master of Time, and the SPRECTRE Chronograph, the uncompromised watchmaking performance.

The styles will be showcased in the luxury halls of the Hotel de Crillon, with an immersive vibrant experience of light, live music orchestra, and luxury vibes. The event will also be the perfect opportunity to discover the new advertisement campaign featuring the iconic Eddie Jordan. Eddie Jordan and PHILIPP PLEIN are both driven by their passion and obsession for perfection, reliability, excellence, and innovation. Both authentic personalities are successful business-minded individuals who put their heart and effort into their dreams and vision for exceptional projects. Eddie Jordan, a true icon in the F1 car world, is applying an uncompromising, timeless yet iconic aesthetic together with the master of time collection: The $keleton Spectre Edition. A cutting-edge new visual conveys an innovative advertising coding that connects two elements: the timepiece and the Eddie Jordan car.

The $KELETON SPECTRE automatic and SPECTRE Chrono timepieces will be on sale online and at authorized retailers starting in February 2023. PHILIPP PLEIN watches are distributed in France by VENSON Paris.

“I always collected watches around the world. It is a passion and a key accessory to my style and look. I decided to create these new styles to have something special that can collect my expertise in the sector and my strong aesthetic vision. This is the result of a lot of research and inspiration, and each style combines technology, special details, high performance, and timeless luxury.

I love to say that a new expression of luxury is born, where speed is key and Time is Now.”

Philipp Plein

2 Philipp Plein Launch of Spectre keleton Watch in Paris by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

1 Philipp Plein Launch of Spectre keleton Watch in Paris by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Enjoy this Piece of Timeless Excellence!

Posted from Paris, 8th Arrondissement of Paris, France.