Tomo Koizumi Fall Winter 2023-2024

Tomo Koizumi Fall Winter 2023-2024 Milan Fashion Week. Story by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: Tomo Koizumi.

It’s been announced that Dolce & Gabbana will support Tomo Koizumi at Milan Fashion Week, as part of the brand’s commitment to encourage young creative talent.
“Tomo is a volcano of ideas, energy and vitality, and his fashion is proof of that: the clouds of organza, the bright colors, the elegance and lightness of the shapes of his clothes clearly convey the deep creative process behind them. We are happy to be able to be by Tomo’s side on this very special occasion and bring his art together for the first time in Milan.” – Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana

Dolce & Gabbana supplied the initiative in its entire organization, hosted the fashion show within its spaces in Milan.

Support it’s great – I’m all up for it. But since the beginning something bothered me with this designer. Something felt false or not quite right. 

4 years ago this costume designer from Japan came on the world fashion scene. His dresses were found on instagram by an expert and good friend of Marc Jacobs, who introduced Tomo Koizumi to this generous NewYorker. Marc Jacobs gave his store and asked his friends top-models to show for Tomo, and graciously (when we say that it means – no honorars involved) walked for him.

And… SCANDAL… Designer Stella Cadente Stanislassia Klein showed to all media her designs, and photos from her Paris show for Fall-Winter 2004-2005 season. Her dresses were exactly the same… Tomo Koizumi received hundreds of notes accusing him of COPY… Read the story HERE.

This is NOT Tomo Koizumi – this is Stella Cadente Stanislassia Klein 2004.

Stella Cadente Stanislassia Klein Fall-Winter 2004 by RUNWAY MAGAZINE
Stella Cadente Stanislassia Klein Fall-Winter 2004 by RUNWAY MAGAZINE

Tomo Koizumi had to leave New York and go to Milan, far away from the scandal, where he settled down and tried to do this “puppy dog eyes” to the established luxury brands. 

Tomo Koizumi proclaimed himself as an emerging talented designer, who has no strong financial basis (it means he has no money). And then suddenly he asked Vogue to introduce him to John Galliano. Even better to do the reportage about how he transformed, reconstructs the dress of John Galliano, and how Grand Master John Galliano transformed Tomo’s dress… 

You can tell me all kinds of stories but this is no way “duty free” arrangement. This introduction, reportage etc… has quite a high cost (now I mean money). And yes, Tomo Koizumi got himself an investor. During this time something didn’t go quite right, so he went back to Japan.

And now almost 4 years later he comes back, playing an emerging designer in front of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, who offered him fabrics, their establishment, models to walk the runway… And at the same time he paid again with Vogue Gwendoline Christie, the actress most wanted in the fashion world today after her performance at “Wednesday” Netflix series and Thom Browne fashion show in Paris last season.  

Just 3 weeks ago Tomo Koizumi offered himself a video with Gwendoline Christie, who tells as a fairytale his story year by year to the public in a flower environment. Do you know how much cost video of a very known actress telling your story? A lot.

Something is not quite right with this designer…

Apart from that… the collection looks fun. Tomo Koizumi was given famous Dolce Gabbana Sicilian fabrics to play with. 

3 Tomo Koizumi Dolce Gabbana Fall Winter 2023 2024 Milan Runway Magazine

1 Tomo Koizumi Fall Winter 2023 2024 Milan Runway Magazine

2 Tomo Koizumi Fall Winter 2023 2024 Milan Runway Magazine

4 Tomo Koizumi Fall Winter 2023 2024 Milan Runway Magazine

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Posted from Milan, Municipio 1, Italy.