Who wears Who at The Met Gala 2023

Who wears Who at The Met Gala 2023. Story by Eleonora de Gray, Editor-in-Chief of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo Courtesy: GettyImages.

The Met Gala 2023 – annual fashion ball organized by Vogue in Metropolitan museum of Art. The theme for this evening was announced long ago, and yet some guests showed up like they had nothing to wear, and pulled something out of their wardrobe. Probably some guests simply were not paying attention or simply didn’t know that the theme of the evening was HONOUR TO KARL LAGERFELD. 

Salma Hayek came with her husband François-Henri Pinault dressed in traditional Spanish Flamenco red dress, Jimmy Neutch- Shumpert got totally messed up and came dressed like Michael Jackson, and there was no one to tell her that Karl Lagerfeld and Michael Jackson are not the same person. Some guests came dressed in borrowed from Broadway theaters costumes of drama kings of the XVII century, or was it their Drug Queen outfits? Some came in bright blue skinny pants or long dresses, with high boots, and long trains, some came covered in silver makeup from head to toe… It’s not that kind of party, man… There are no sex-toys as freebies at the entrance.

But we are not going to talk about them, we simply ignore them and we’ll talk about the most amazing… and the most amusing pieces we saw tonight. After all it is a tribute not just to Karl Lagerfeld but also to all great and talented designers of today, who interpreted designs of Karl Lagerfeld or tried to do something really amusing.

Oh, oh… wait… I have a question: What with the empty plastic bottles? Did you notice that all red carpet entrance, even chandeliers were made of empty plastic bottles? Is it even ecological? What is it for? Were all these dresses made from recycled plastic bottles?.. No explanation given.

And what about these blue, red and white lines supposedly imitating the flag and honoring France, as Karl Lagerfeld most of his life had France as his home? Someone was really drunk when he drew them…

Plastic bottles decor at The Met Gala 2023

The kitten…. The most amusing costume at tonight’s event was of course the kitten who charmed us all. Jared Leto became the mascot of the party. He was giant Choupette Lagerfeld

Jared Leto as Macot Choupette at The Met Gala 2023 1

Jared Leto as Macot Choupette at The Met Gala 2023 2

Lizzo got scared a little….

Jared Leto as Macot Choupette and Lizzo at The Met Gala 2023

Jared Leto as Macot Choupette at The Met Gala 2023 3

The most beautiful dress of the evening belongs, of course, to Janelle Monáe, created for her by Thom Browne. Every detail in this dress reimagined from Karl to Thom. A creative way of multiple layers, which were publicly unveiled when Janelle Monáe was undressed on the red carpet. 

Janelle Monáe in Thom Browne at The Met Gala 2023 3

Ashley Graham wore Harris Reed custom gown… How many thoughts he put into this amazing work, and recreated several gowns as one from Karl Lagerfeld creation in 1980s-1990s. 

Ashley Graham in Harris Reed at The Met Gala 2023 2

The graceful example of timeless elegance showed by Jennifer Lopez who wore Ralph Lauren evening gown tonight.

Jennifer Lopez in Ralph Lauren at The Met Gala 2023 1

Anne Hathaway came accompanied by Donatella Versace, imagined as if it was created by Karl himself. “Who better to share the red carpet with than the Versace Icon… Anne Hathaway. Anne Hathaway, you are legendary and I am in awe of your beauty tonight and always. I think… Everybody wants this, Anne. Everybody wants to be us.” Donatella Versace

Anne Hathaway in Versace at The Met Gala 2023 3

Mysterious Lady Gaga entering the Gala

Lady Gaga at The Met Gala 2023

Oh yes, how could I forget? The huge carpet-train dress worn by Jeremy Pope, made for him by Olivier Rousteing, Balmain. Yes, of course.. No one was able to see who it really was, as he vagon was so far from the end of the train. And anyway everyone paid attention to the Karl Lagerfeld portrait, and not to the rest. Making an appearance one would think, and what Olivier Rousteing would have hoped for. Well… not that much. 

Although I paid attention to what Olivier Rousteing was actually holding. And he was holding the bag he fashioned himself “Karl Who?”… By the way did he ask for the authorization from the designer of the bag to do that?… Pause for dramatic effect… Of course not. He never asks for any authorizations, he just copies the designs…. So the design of the bag Olivier Rousteing is holding, the fashion tote bag “Karl Who”?” belongs to Naco Paris

In 2009 Karl Lagerfeld was spotted carrying a canvas “Karl Who?” Bag which is designed by Naco Paris. Back in 2009 it was a satirical way of seeing the fashion world. Designer Naco Paris could never imagine that Karl Lagerfeld would hear about this joke and actually get the bag and show with it on the streets of Paris. So the tote-bag became famous…. but Olivier Rousteing – not… probably that is why he decided to take designs of lucky Naco Paris and pop up by The Met Gala with hope to be seen.

Karl Lagerfeld with the tote bag KARL WHO designed by Naco Paris 2009
Karl Lagerfeld with the tote bag KARL WHO designed by Naco Paris 2009
Jeremy Pope with Olivier Rousteing with Karl Who bag, Balmain at The Met Gala 2023
Jeremy Pope with Olivier Rousteing with “Karl Who?” bag, Balmain at The Met Gala 2023

Rihanna wore an amazing Valentino silk faille dress with a 5-meter train and silk faille cape with 30 camelias, 500 petals and 25 leaves, designed especially for her by Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli and created by 30 seamstresses. Her husband Asap Rocky wore Gucci for the occasion.

Rihanna in Valentino at The Met Gala 2023 5

Rihanna in Valentino at The Met Gala 2023 2

Rihanna in Valentino at The Met Gala 2023 4

Rihanna was indeed getting ready for The Met Gala this year even though she was very late… again… Just day before for the opening of the exhibition of Karl Lagerfeld at the Met was already dressed up for Karl.

Gigi Hadid came accompanied by Matthew Williams, creative director of Givenchy. Let us hope that she’ll expire him so we can go back from toxic waste hoodies to the elegant gowns where Givenchy House was started. 

Gigi Hadid in Givenchy by Matthew Williams at The Met Gala 2023 1

Kim Kardashian wore this time Schiaparelli by Daniel Rosebery.

Kim Kardashian in Schiaparelli by Daniel Rosebery at The Met Gala 2023 4

Paris Hilton for the FIRST TIME was invited to The Met Gala. She wore custom Marc Jacobs gown, and was gracefully accompanied by the designer.

Elegance of Oscar winner Michelle Yeoh was very noticed.

Michelle Yeoh at The Met Gala 2023

Nicole Kidman wore Chanel couture gown that Karl Lagerfeld designed for her back in 2004.

Ke Huy Quan, Oscar winner, and known for his “Doctor Jones” appeal, was the most elegant than ever.

Ke Huy Quan as Karl Lagerfeld at The Met Gala 2023 2

Ke Huy Quan as Karl Lagerfeld at The Met Gala 2023 1

Actor James McAvoy wore Dunhill Bespoke. And he was probably the only one who came with his look really close to Karl Lagerfeld without forgetting every little detail.

James McAvoy in Dunhill Bespoke at The Met Gala 2023

We are also remembering Karl Lagerfeld with great admiration and honoring his creativity tonight!

Karl Lagerfeld by Runway Magazine sm 1 (1)

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