Runway Magazine – Wiki

Runway Magazine – Wiki

Category: International News / Media

Founded by Eleonora de Gray

Start time 1995

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Distribution: International

Country of Origin: United States

Country: France

Headquarters located at 23-25 rue Jean Jacques Rousseau, 75001 Paris, France

Main subject: fashion, design, history, culture, marketing, and entertainment

Serial numbers:
ISSN 2606-1333
ISSN 2269-3467

Library of Congress Classification TT500 .R86
Bibliothèque nationale de France Classification DUNS ® 263881805

Trademarks: Registered

Legal form: Joint stock company

Number of readers 2022: 7 – up to 10 million active monthly subscribers

Runway Magazine digital platform :

General feature magazine: fashion, design, history, culture, marketing, and entertainment

Press Statement: We publish facts and discoveries related to luxury industry, fashion, culture, we publish fashion catalogs / collections. We also express our journalistic opinions related to the market and luxury industry, fashion (designers, fashion houses and collections included), culture. We do research and we disclose facts concerning COUNTERFEIT, COPIES, COPYRIGHT, TRADEMARK issues, and known problems in fashion, luxury industry and culture in general. We are legal witnesses of the cultural events, as we publish only witnessed events and verified facts!