Runway Magazine – Wikipedia

Runway Magazine – Wikipedia

Runway Magazine is an International Media, Global Fashion Authority.

Once upon a time… that is how many stories begin, as well as the story of RUNWAY MAGAZINE. The story started in New York. In 1995 Eleonora de Gray, a young model who worked with Metropolitan agency, walked the runways in New York, Paris and Milan, and decided to express her opinion about what she was actually wearing. With a couple of friends – a photographer, stylist, makeup artist, she prepared a couple of articles, collages and caricature images, put it together in layout in old fashion way, and printed it as a newspaper “RUNWAY” in several hundreds of copies.

This is just another story about a gig friends had. Eleonora was able to bring copies of RUNWAY newspaper with her at the backstage of the shows during New York Fashion Week. She put it on the seats of the guests invited. 1 issue, 2d issue, 3d. Then 3-4 RUNWAY newspapers printed for every season. That was fun indeed to express the opinion, and it was an excellent gig.

No one really knows how many people read these comics and satirical pamphlets, watched funny pictures in RUNWAY newspaper. No one really knows how many editors or their assistants took RUNWAY newspaper seriously, and wrote their own stories. No one really knows how many movies used RUNWAY as an inspiration… as many saw RUNWAY as an expression of something brilliant, creative, even existential, as a revelation of the possibilities which lie beyond constricted existence.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE 25th anniversary 1995-2021
RUNWAY MAGAZINE 25th anniversary 1995-2021
RUNWAY MAGAZINE 25th anniversary - Eleonora de Gray founder and Editor-in-Chief
RUNWAY MAGAZINE 25th anniversary – Eleonora de Gray founder and Editor-in-Chief

It is only 9 years later friend’s gig became a venture.

In 2004 Eleonora de Gray opened her first office in Paris, France and started issuing RUNWAY MAGAZINE destined at first for the local market.

And now 25 years later RUNWAY MAGAZINE celebrates its anniversary despite all odds and market changes, becoming a leading international media with creative solutions, outstanding “out of the box” projects on the luxury market.

RUNWAY MAGAZINE 25th anniversary - Karl Lagerfeld
RUNWAY MAGAZINE 25th anniversary – Karl Lagerfeld

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Runway Magazine milestones

1995 – Eleonora de Gray with her friends home-printed first issue of newspaper called RUNWAY, and distributed it during New York Fashion Week at the shows she was working
1996 – Eleonora de Gray printed RUNWAY newspaper in thousands copies, and together with her friends distributed it during New York Fashion Week
1997 – 10 participants got involved in production of RUNWAY newspaper, including fashion critics, photographers, stylists, makeup artists
1998 – RUNWAY newspaper involved professionals of the industry, including print, and was distributed during Paris and Milan Fashion Weeks
1999 – Eleonora de Gray formed her first company of media services
2000 – Eleonora de Gray transformed RUNWAY newspaper into RUNWAY MAGAZINE and printed a first issue in Paris, France
2001 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE 5000 printed copies distributed in France
2002 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE distributed in Italy and Spain
2003 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became a venture and received its first investment
2004 – Eleonora de Gray opened first office of RUNWAY MAGAZINE in Paris, France
2005 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became sponsor of major events in Paris, including Le Bal de Paris
2006 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE printed in 20 000 copies on French and English
2007 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became an International media, publishing news about Paris, Milan, London and New York fashion weeks, launched its RUNWAY MAGAZINE TALK-SHOW
2008 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became an organizer of Paris Fashion Academy Award, presenting international emerging designers in Paris
2009 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became an organizer of fashion shows, showrooms and other major fashion events in Paris, partnered with Fouquet’s restaurant on Champs-Élysées
2010 – One of the leading color expert Guillaumette Duplaix joined team of RUNWAY MAGAZINE as Executive Editor, and partnered with École Estienne, School of Arts and Printing Industry
2011 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE received support from First Lady of France, RUNWAY MAGAZINE launched line of bags and accessories
2012 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became a luxury printed 300 pages book, and received support from Pierre Cardin, Kenzo and other Fashion designers
2013 – Karl Lagerfeld came to the cover launch party of RUNWAY MAGAZINE at WHSmith store on rue Rivoli to celebrate a special issue dedicated to him and Chanel fashion house
2014 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became a sponsor of Atelier Chardon Savard, fashion designer school in Paris
2015 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE partnered with ESMOD, fashion designer school in Paris
2016 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became a media group proposing mix-marketing solutions in luxury industry, and received support of Jean Paul Gaultier for its expertise
2017 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE launched new website, new interactive interface, and became an international digital media platform
2018 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE opened several new departments designed to create and support brand identity – production and distribution of visual content, color expertise, creating and providing cutting-edge content for marketing and digital publishing solutions
2019 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE became one of the leading companies specializing in research concerning COUNTERFEIT, COPIES and many other legal issues, and known problems in fashion, cinema, music, and luxury industry for government organizations, law firms and luxury houses
2020 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE proposed its platform to government organizations, associations, textile companies, AFNOR, and many others to battle coronavirus, publishing news related to the social measures, promoting all regulations concerning masks etc.
2021 – RUNWAY MAGAZINE celebrated 25th anniversary, reaching 7 million digital subscribers


Print Readership 30.500 Readership Digital Up to 7M Unique Users / Subscribers Social 2.5M Followers
RUNWAY MAGAZINE 25th anniversary 1995-2021
RUNWAY MAGAZINE 25th anniversary 1995-2021

Today RUNWAY MAGAZINE ® is a global media company that produces some of the world’s leading print, digital, video and social media content. We are a media company with an accurate understanding of the present, with fabulous knowledge of the past, and visionary prediction of the future.