Boucheron – History of Style

Boucheron – History of Style, The Power of Couture. Story by RUNWAY MAGAZINE. Photo / Video Courtesy: Boucheron.


Since its inception in 1858 by the visionary Frédéric Boucheron, the eponymous Maison has been an epitome of excellence in Jewelry, High Jewelry, and Watchmaking. As the torchbearers of four generations of creativity and craftsmanship, Boucheron continues to push boundaries, shaping the classics of tomorrow. The latest manifestation of this commitment is the awe-inspiring collection titled “The Power of Couture,” curated by Claire Choisne, the Creative Director of Maison Boucheron.

BOUCHERON Histoire de Style, The Power of Couture Médailles, Broderies & Aiguillette

BOUCHERON Histoire de Style, The Power of Couture Noeud & Broderies

BOUCHERON Histoire de Style, The Power of Couture Noeud, Boutons, Aiguillette

Couture Roots

At the heart of Boucheron’s legacy lies a profound connection to couture. Influenced by the drapery expertise of Louis Boucheron, the father of the Maison’s founder, Frédéric Boucheron’s childhood amidst silk and lace laid the foundation for his unique approach to jewelry creation. Claire Choisne, in the fourth edition of Histoire de Style, delves into this couture heritage with a contemporary twist, exploring themes of bows, knits, grosgrain, pompoms, and lace.

Rethinking Ornamentation

“The Power of Couture” embarks on a transformative journey by deconstructing ceremonial attire symbols. Claire Choisne’s bold reinterpretation breathes life into 24 High Jewelry pieces, each a testament to the Maison’s commitment to innovation. The collection is designed as a precious kit, offering wearers the freedom to create their individual style from various elements.

Crystal Thread: In a departure from traditional gold-tone decorations, this collection focuses on the uniformity of materials — rock crystal and diamonds. Claire Choisne and the Boucheron craftsmen skillfully transfigure these rigid elements into jewelry sets as sophisticated and supple as the rarest silk fabrics.

Highlight Pieces

  1. Médailles: A necklace in white gold, rock crystal, and diamonds, featuring detachable medallions that can be worn as brooches.
    • Labor Hours: 2,230
    • Diamonds: Two medallions, edged with diamonds, may be detached and worn as brooches, set with a D VVS2 diamond of 2.04 carats.
  2. Tricot: A rock crystal knit necklace, reflecting the chevron pattern of knitwear, accompanied by a coordinating cuff bracelet.
    • Labor Hours: 1,070
    • Diamonds: Adorned with a round D VVS2 diamond of 2.01 carats and a cuff bracelet set with a round DVVS1 diamond of 1.02 carats.
  3. Épaulettes: Diamond spirals inspired by a historical diadem, transforming into bracelets and coordinating with a tiara and ear pendants.
    • Labor Hours: 960
    • Diamonds: Set in white gold paved with diamonds, a pair of modern white gold tiara with round diamonds.
  4. Noeud: A graphic reinterpretation of the bow, offering multiple ways to wear, including as a necklace, bracelet, brooch, or shoulder adornment.
    • Labor Hours: 2,600
    • Diamonds: The necklace made up of 435 frosted baguette-cut rock crystals, set with a pear-shaped F VVS2 diamond of 4.05 carats.
  5. Col: A lace-inspired collar, offering versatility with three different possibilities, combining a plastron with a choker, and a pair of lace-designed earrings.
    • Labor Hours: 1,900
    • Diamonds: A pair of earrings asserts the same lace design, highlighted by the presence of 662 round diamonds.
  6. Boutons: A set of 15 white gold buttons set with diamonds and rock crystal, versatile for hair ornaments, buttonholes, or neckties.
    • Labor Hours: 120
    • Diamonds: A ring crafted in frosted rock crystal set with a D VVS2 diamond of 4.63 carats, and a pair of ear pendants with an adjustable length.
  7. Aiguillette: A braided white gold, rock crystal, and diamond necklace, with detachable brooches and a bracelet.
    • Labor Hours: 750
    • Diamonds: Set with a round E VVS2 diamond of 2.11 carats.
  8. Broderies: Branch embroideries shaped like ferns, transformable into brooches or scintillating hairpieces, accompanied by a tiara and matching earrings.
    • Labor Hours: 980
    • Diamonds: An asymmetrical pair of earrings combining a branch that rises along the ear with a pear-shaped E VVS2 diamond of 1.50 carats.

BOUCHERON Histoire de Style, The Power of Couture Broderies, Col, Aiguillette

BOUCHERON Histoire de Style, The Power of Couture Noeud, Boutons

BOUCHERON Histoire de Style, The Power of Couture Tricot, Epaulettes & Aiguillette


With “The Power of Couture,” Boucheron not only writes a new chapter in the history of High Jewelry but also redefines the relationship between jewelry and clothing. Claire Choisne’s masterful reinterpretation of ceremonial attire symbols showcases the Maison’s ability to break free from material limitations, allowing jewelry to become a dynamic expression of individual style. The collection, with its meticulous craftsmanship and innovative design, stands as a testament to Boucheron’s unwavering commitment to elegance and creativity.

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